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Burlington Township Reviews

60 reviews
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Burlington is a great family town-good schools, safe neighborhoods, and nice new developments. The town is quite large yet has a friendly vibe. There are big businesses such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl's as well as small businesses which mainly focus on food. Overall, it is a nice town to live in-perfect for families looking for a lifetime living area.
Every now and then there are incidents in my town that are extremely dangerous and alarming, but the area as a whole is not dangerous. I am more concerned with mental stability on a global scale. I often keep the thought in the back of my mind saying that it can happen anywhere.
The town I live in, geographically, is a nice area. Sometimes I wish that I had a better relationship with the people I reside in the same town with but everyone seems to be more self-oriented.
Not an area where a lot of crime occur. Police are very present, assertive, and attentive.
It's an area where I would definitely stay and raise my own kids here.
The area is very safe and criminal activity is rare.
It's a safe neighborhood with good public schools. However, there aren't too many recreational facilities available. There aren't too many places for young adults to socialize in the town; typically the youth go shopping and out to eat in neighboring towns and the surrounding areas.
The home in this area were really maintained not much issues if abandon property graffiti was not and issue

children had areas to play either the neighborhood park or the local community so outdoor space were in an abundant
People in Burlington Township were usually born and raised here went to the local school then worked in the school after graduating
In Burlington Township we did not have any issues regarding any crimes maybe just petty disturbance
I would choose to live there again for the community as we have so many fundraisers and it was great to be involved with these local foundations for example Siani Strong Foundation
I've only heard of 3 incidents in my 9 years here.
A safe neighborhood for kids to play outside.
There is not many crimes but every place you go will have crimes.
The neighborhood I live is thriving in many ways!
There is more crime located on the outer parts of the town
I plan on going to college in PA to live in a better area
I enjoy living here for the most part, however I am not happy with the crime. I feel as though it has gotten worse over the last 5 or so years.
The neighborhood is quiet. Many of the kids are in high school and a few younger families are moving in.
I've always liked living in Burlington Township. The schools are great, we have a great education system and amazing teachers and faculty. The neighborhoods are very nice with the exception of a few. There are great sports clubs and teams. The people around here are very friendly and welcoming to the town.
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