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I like Burlington because it is a small town. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Everything is close when it comes to getting around town. I think the town could be a more updated but I liked living there.
Small town feel, very welcoming community, lots of diversity from farming, to water sports, to hiking in the mountains. Diverse options of activities in school and outside of school. There are always good ways to meet people.
Sometimes it's not as safe as it should be. But I think that the public schools are great, the neighborhood I live in is family friendly. But I think that there should be more family friendly activities for halloween.
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Love the rural Burlington. Great country, pretty mountains, beautiful sound views. We get four seasons a year.
Burlington is a cute small town that is located close to both the Canadian border and Seattle. Most importantly, Burlington is so close to the Cascade Mountains! If you are the outdoorsy type, it is definitely the place for you. Small town vibe not your thing? Probably not the place for you.
Cute little town, with lots of restaurants of all kinds. A lot of department stores, you have everything you need in one little town. Crime rate isn't something necessarily to be ignored, but crime does happen everywhere you go.
I love the small-knit community feel here and have grown up here but crime and gang activity are in the rise which makes me hesitant to stay in the area.
Burlington is my home town and although I love it dearly because i grew up here I know its not perfect. There are some fun places to go in town such as the Coffee House which is very nice and we have great ice cream places and a wonderful Italian restaurant. In summer there is always an annual Chocolate fest in town and it kicks off a summer of fun and its the perfect place to take family or hang out with friends. Although Burlington doesn't have anything extremely exciting it isn't too far from Milwaukee, Chicago, Kenosha, and Racine.
No matter what time of day, you can see some people either jogging, walking with or without another person or dog. Majority of the people who work out are young adults to elders. In some cases, you might catch children riding their bikes around the area.
Police can be seen in the area on a regular basis, which is good because they are able to respond quickly in the event of a crime or emergency.
Depending on where you live, neighbors can be loud and sometimes the area is not clean.
The most popular thing to do for locals comes every two years: Salmon fishing
As opposed to some states, a temperature of sixty degrees is considered warm, "summer" weather.
Popular types of restaurants in the area consist of buffets and dine-ins.
Most of the jobs consist of working at fast food chains to financing and automotive maintenance.
Stores are not too far from home and range from home improvement, groceries, retail, etc.
This town is so small and so are the businesses. The cascade mall is not very diverse. The laundromats are always so full, and hardly any dry cleaners, as far as the fitness centers they are pretty good.
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I've never witnessed anything suspicious, doesn't seem like a bad neighborhood but doesn't seem like a safe place either. It is a good place to live for a low income family.
There isn't much of anything in town. There are some chain restaurants and a few smaller places.
Nothing ever happens but the many of the people are very nice. I guess there are some gangs involving high school students but not much violence occurs. It is generally pretty safe.
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