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Chocolate fest is awesome and there are other events throughout the year for residents. There are good food choices, and pretty good shopping. For a smaller town the stores available is really good. It's close to Lake Geneva and Milwaukee.
It's a safe place to grow up but there's not much to do for fun when you're in high school. You kind of have to be inventive to stay entertained outside of the home. All in all, it's pretty cheap to live here, there's plenty of places to eat, and there's a decent amount of diversity, though we could be exposed to more.
The housing is nice, however the area is on high alert sometimes. But if you are aware of your surroundings, you should be fine.
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Its a great community with a sense of communication and social advancements. Everyone is friendly.
The lighting is at a moderate level. It's enough to get by, but it could improve by having more lighting in areas that are hard to see.
It's an average town, however, there could be improvements such as more areas to shop.
There is little to no crime.
I have lived here my whole life and I love raising my kids here.
Burlington is a great family environment, filled with excellent schools, businesses, and parks.
I've been able to grow up in a safe environment with friendly people, decent schools, and enough of my needs satisfied. The only thing I wish this place had was more interesting places to go and do things, sights to see, and more wildlife preserves to go visit. I'd like to have more places to practice my favorite hobbies outside, and that would require living in a larger city.
It's a nice town, but it's going downhill. More crime, and more inner city people coming in, which is taking away from the safety of a 'small town.' Not seeing much improvement on the drug issues. Nothing to do for young people.
There are quite a few bars in Burlington but there is no clubbing or night life
In Burlington there are a lot of factory and health care workers. Most of the companies that are in Burlington pay their employees very good.
While Burlington may not have a lot of large chain type stores and restaurants there are some really good mom and pop type shops and restaurants where the food is not over priced for the quality. While there may not be a Starbucks there is a really nice coffee shop that on Thursday nights offers local musical talent to perform. So while you may not be able to get a overpriced large chain type store or restaurant you can find many good places in Burlington.
There are quite a few average/below average bars & restaurants. My impression of the bars are they are sleezy. However there is like one very good bar and one very good restaurant in the whole town imo. There are no chain restaurants like Panda Express, Noodles & Co., Chipotle, Panera Bread, etc. There also is no Starbucks! The closest Starbucks is in Lake Geneva. I'm not sure what people even do for 'nightlife' besides house parties with underage drinking...
I'm not really sure about jobs here, but when I was 17 it was very difficult to get a job. I'm assuming due to insurance policies?
There isn't a variety of stores. There are a few good local businesses, but many are not nice. Everyone can get stuff at Walmart, which hurts the other businesses. Unlike Kenosha and Racine, there are no chain restaurants like Panda Express, Noodles & Company, or Starbucks. There also is no Target, but we have a small Kohl's. This sucks for teens and young adults. There isn't really much to do for younger people, so many people smoke weed and drink.... There are a lot of banks, salons, and bars. Not many of them high quality.
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