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I like Burlington because there is so much to do here! There are so many restaurants on 3rd Avenue and in the mall to try. There is a movie theatre, Kings Bowling, and beautiful parks if you are looking for things to do! The Recreation Department programs are varied (there's something for everyone) are of good value. Burlington is about a 20 minute drive into Boston, so for commuters it is not bad. The public transportation into Boston, however, is scarce; no commuter rail through Burlington. Also biking is dangerous because there are no bike lanes.
Love Burlington. It's a very safe place to be, low crime, friendly people, plenty to do here. We have the best mall, a movie theater, and is connected to major highways such as 95 and route 3.
I have had a great experience in Burlington. I have lived here all my life and the town has only improved as the years go on. Stores, restaurants, and more are constantly being built, making this town much more attractive to live in.
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I have lived here all my life. Great town to get to know people and more businesses are opening up every day!
Burlington is a small town with alot of stores and things to do. A mall, restaurants, shopping complexes all in a very small area. The town is very safe and friendly. The only downfall is rush hour traffic in the area is always bad.
I would like for there to be a way to track the status of pending applications, and some sort of way to determine which scholarships have and haven't been applied for in the listings. You can apply to a scholarship over and over by going through the listings and there is nothing telling you whether it has been applied for or not. There is no way to determine which scholarships you have applied for and which you have not, you don't even receive an error message stating that you have already applied when trying to reapply. ~I apologize if this is not very thorough, I had written a longer review but had to edit it because it is limited to 1000 characters.
Good choices for restaurants. New construction has placed over one dozen restaurants in the area. Three new hotels and proximity to route. 128 make it a short commute to Oston, MA.
Diverse town, many activities for children and adults, beautiful town common and parks. The people are friendly, much industry which reduces property tax, many high tech companies which helps offer jobs to youths. The police department is activity in the community and schools
the housing is very expensive, this seems like a good thing to me because it is worth it
many events are happening at all times
there are very few crimes in the area
I would love to live here my whole life.
It's a nice place to raise a family, great recreation department, okay schools. However now that I have children in high school I wonder whether it would have been better to be in a more competitive school district. Also many people who live here tend to be quite provincial, or "towny" like.
To Love Burlington you have to live here to take advantage of all the community activities, cheering at your kids sporting events. There is a lot of jobs in Burlington, if you are technical or business oriented there are a lot of companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Keurig, and many others. If you do not live here it is just a place to shop and enjoy a choice of multiple restaurants. There are no attractions here, even though there are a lot of historical markings, but it is a great town if you live here.
summer is hot and winter is freezing
there are a variety of different restaurants in the area...some of the prices are too high
there are a lot of people that have grown up here and have been here for a long time
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there really isn't any attractions in this town
there are no mom and pop stores. there is a mall and a few strip locations for stores
there are lots of mall jobs but that isn't for adults more for teens
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