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I enjoy the small town life here in Burlington. While sometimes there is not much to do, I like feeling safe where I live. The crime rate is only about 1%, and the people are very friendly. After moving here, I do not want to go anywhere else.
There isn't a high crime rate in Burlington, and of the few crimes that are committed they are most definitely minor. We really don't have to worry about safety issues.
I love Burlington overall. It's a great place to start a family. Unfortunately, some of the people create a negative atmosphere. If I was looking to start a family, I would happily start my family in Burlington because of the well-natured aspect of the community. The community acts as one force in most aspects and comes together when need be. The education system isn't great but it isn't terrible either, yet. If the community can lift these concerns up, the educational system will get better and I have no doubts that it will get better. Different businesses are starting to pop up in the small, agricultural based community and everyone will profit from these companies.
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I'd live here again, it's a great community overall. Everyone here is so welcoming and willing to give you a hand in need. I love living in a small town and love the small town feel.
This town is beautiful and has many beautiful houses to describe that. There are a few trailor parks, but always room for new people.
I love the pride that people in this town have for their school sports. It's welcoming and fun.
The police in this town tend to be hard and strict, but overall, they are just maintaining the safety of the county.
I love my hometown. I have learned the ways of the town. The businesses are always willing to comfort you and make you feel at home. There are very few people here that won't give you the shirt of their back. The school system is great, and we take pride in our clubs, athletics, and academics.
I like this area a lot. The people are nice, and I have always liked rural communities.
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