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I have lived in Burlington all my life. The things I like about Burlington are the size, my church, there are many volunteer opportunities, there is a Christian school, and the parks. The things I'd like to see improve are the unity among community, the school system, entertainment opportunities, and the condition of the streets.
It's a clean town, not very big but has quite a bit going on. Good people, lots of opportunity. There are some really beautiful historic homes as well as some modern high end communities as well as affordable housing and fixer-uppers. Something for everyone.
I love the closeness and togatherness of the community but safety and highschool education could be improved.
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Burlington is a town that has jobs daycare, schools, and entertainment. there has been crime but no more than any other town. my son has been helped alot by the school district. I'm glad I chose Burlington for our living arrangements and would recommend Burlington to anyone looking for a job. going to school or even to put their kids in a decent school district.
Burlington is a beautiful place where walking from one end to the other is inspiring. Burlington is home to several renowned events such as the Snake Alley Festival of Film, the Snake Alley Art Fair, and Steamboat Days.
Burlington, Iowa is a growing city with many positive highlights. With new and expanding businesses, the job market is going up. There are plenty of family adventures to be had. Doing the single life? Plenty of nightlife fun.
Burlington is definitely centered towards the younger generations.
My experiences in Burlington are good and bad. One experience that sticks out the worst is a six-teen year old boy was murdered because he was gay. His body was found in an alley. As a parent I could only imagine the pain that mother felt in her heart. Burlington was a wonderful place to live. I use to be able to walk down the street a little bit after dark. Now I wouldn't even left my daughter play in the front yard.
A relatively small community with a chronic affordable housing crisis, rent is rather high compared to the number of steady jobs available. Crime is high for such a small area as well. Police unable to deal with large city violence that has crept into the community.
The roads are maintained alright. They get potholes, but they get fixed once a year. The police are around a lot. However, they aren't very fast at solving crimes.
New businesses have brought in a lot of new residents. As a result, retail is booming, which is producing even more jobs for those that already lived here.
The rent is high for poor looking houses. Most of the houses are old and falling apart. A lot of abandoned properties. The best place to live is on the river side. Worst place to live is around the downtown area due to crime rates.
People tend to stay in this area because they cannot afford anything else. There are a lot of pets so it is somewhat pet friendly. Not a lot of community events.
There are a lot of fights and shootings. Also, there are frequent robbings. It does not feel safe. I see police mostly when they are trying to catch speeders but otherwise not a lot of police around.
There is not much to do for high school or college students. There is a lot of crime in this area. Their is an amazing view of the Mississippi River. I wouldn't choose to live here again if I had a choice. It's not the worst place in the country, but it certainly is not the best place either. I hope that Burlington makes a comeback and becomes a better place to live and work.
I like where I live now. Its quiet, the neighborhood is small and away from alot of traffic. I have only lived here for 7 years. But sometimes I wish I were back in my old neighbhood.
Always sunny. The hidden Florida of the Midwest.
Food and drinks are plentiful here.
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I appreciate the job opportunities in this area.
It's great overall. There are problems here and there, but overall, it's not bad. A good place to live. Great for children. Quiet but amazing community.
I like the location, and I loved growing up here
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