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Burlington has always been a very family friendly place to live. It's usually quiet with a lot of great annual community events.
I have never had to call for emergancy help thank God so i cannot really comment on that aspect. But I do know that they are really prompt to checking on how people drive and keeping the roads safe.
There are many parks in this area as well as many lakes in which people can either swim in or fish.
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The employment in my area is okay. There are jobs available and the minimum wage is at a decent price.
There are many affordable houses for rent as well as for sale. Burlinton has been said to be the city with the cheapest house rates
There are many local mom and pop shops around my neighborhood. Especially down on High Street, that is a very historical are. They have the Wood Street Fair every September and that whole strret gets blocked off and everyone is either selling or buying or both. Its a fun time to interact with new and old neigbours and its a great day to spend quality family time together.
It's full four season area but the summer is just way too hot for me.
PeoPle are fit here and also very fat here. It's a happy medium.
There is only one recycling day and the animals enjoy trash day.
Well I just moved to this town so I don't know many people.
Transpiration is good if you can drive. A great location.
The food is amazing and melts in my mouth. Come down and try some.
There are lots of animals and a lot of people that love the environment.
I can't get a job and I want one badly. I need the money.
It depends on the the area of the town. I live the nice side of the neighborhood.
I'm not getting shot anytime soon. However, I might get robbed.
I can not drive so it's hard to get to places around here.
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I have never seen so many bugs in my life. I'm afraid.
I remember hating where I used to live just because I was new and lonely. However, I got use to it and I'm sure this new house will follow suit.
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