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Nice people, well taken care of neighborhood. Quaint, nice and quite of the main roads. Perfect little neighborhood for people who like a little country atmosphere.
I currently live in Burlington. As a suburb, it is very nice because it's not far from cities such as Cincinnati or the city of Burlington itself. My only qualm is that there's only so much you can do there.
I love my city, however, there isn't a lot to do for young adults. I would like to see some places open up that appeal to my peers and I to hang out.
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Burlington is a small town outside of Florence. It's very family friendly, but there is not a nightlife to speak of. Luckily Cincinnati is a short 15 min drive away. The highway is close by. The schools are wonderful. I wish there were more sidewalks/bike paths. Residents are overall friendly. There's a grocery store and YMCA and a number of parks, including a community garden and dog park.
I love Burlington. It has always been so peaceful and beautiful but unfortunately in recent years they've been building so many new neighborhoods and bringing in more traffic. So it worries me that the peace will so soon be a thing of the past and the town will be taken over by chaos and commotion. I just wish they would halt the expansion of the city so we can keep hold of what makes Burlington so wonderful in the first place.
Over the past couple of years I believe that the crime rate has increased a little. Not anything serious just stupid kids doing stupid things.
This area is the only place I know. I was born and raised here. This area allows you to be close enough to the city but not too close.
Fell asleep with the garage wide open many nights and have never had anything stolen or my house broke into
I moved from Seven Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio to Burlington, KY so this place is like heaven to me.
There is very little crime, vandalism, or safety issues. I see regular police officers on back roads, on highways and patrolling local kids' hang out spots. Kids will be kids, but as far as real safety, there is little concern. Our cars stay unlocked and nothing in 14 years has ever been an issue. I believe our Burlington, KY is safer than neighboring areas which still are better than national averages in my guestimation. Again, I stand by statement of being a wonderful & safe area; truly a nice place to raise plant roots and to raise a family.
Overall experience has been great. Burlington, KY is a great location, live in a nice neighborhood with wonderful & kind people in vicinity. Our area is close to shopping, the mall, A schools & nearby city-Cincinnati. Plenty of job opportunities because of mall, retail & city within 15 miles. I chose to relocate to Burlington, KY from Florida for job, and would do it all over again. The place continues to grow & prosper. New schools were built coincidentally as my girls travelled through the elementary, middle & high school Boone County System. Thank you. Dawn Ruppel
Very safe. Very little crime as far as I know. But there are petty things like theft if you leave things out unsupervised for a long time.
The city seems to being getting better, but drug use is pretty bad.
i have never encountered where i have had to pay for parking in boone county. i would say you cannot walk places, as it is more of a county structure where we live. there is a lot of traffic.
i would say for the most part people move this area because you get more for you money. for that reason people tend to stay. if they move, it's generally to a larger/smaller home in the same area.
our county has some nice parks. most are used for children's sports. they are well kept. i feel like our green space overall is depleting. we are losing farm land everyday to new construction. it's sad, because now have deer living in our neighborhood. not safe for the animals at all.
we have a YMCA. seems to be busy all of the time. i'm not aware of adult community leagues, but there may be. our county does a great job for children's sports (soccer, t-ball, softball., baseball).
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we live 1 mile from the police/fire and response time is good. their response time is good throughout the county
we live in a nice middle class neighborhood. cookie cutter houses, but all are brick with garages. we do have a foreclosed home next door. that's very concerning, as the front door always blows open and the house has no curb appeal. we're not sure the status of the bank. it's been empty for 2 years. the grass does get cut 1x per week. i assume the bank takes care of that. there is also a house up the street that is rented. it's lowering our property value with an abandoned house next door.
the police are very visable in our area. there's not much crime to speak of (hope i didn't jinx myself).
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