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lived here my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a great place to live. It is safe and a real community feel. There is always something happening and alive in Burlington. Good schools, restaurants, and local talent.
I was born and raised in Burlington, NC. I have traveled to Oregon, to the Bahamas, Jamaica and still LOVE to call Burlington home! We have such an amazing group of people, everyone's friendly. The area has grown in the past few years tremendously, but still a very desirable place to settle!
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Burlington is a city that lacks diversity in many ways. For example, the western part of the city is being revitalized to bring more affluent people to the area. while the eastern part of the city is being shameful neglected. The potential for home ownership is lower for residence of a certain socioeconomic background. The schools are heavily underfunded and jobs are scares. So overall all, I would give Burlington a C-.
There are some rough spots in Burlington but overall, it's a growing city with lots of potential. There are so many shops in the area and places to explore are not far beyond the town borders. Chapel Hill is a hop, skip, and a jump away if you ever want to swing by to watch a super exciting sporting event and there are outside activities available all around.
Love the city park it is a great place to take the whole family
Great atmosphere, a lot of great food, fun, and entertainment
friendly country people, always willing to help others out! There is always something to do, and some type of even going on. I enjoy the fourth Fridays in the summer, with local bands and great brews! High School football rivalries here are the best! Even years after graduating, my family still goes to football games almost every Friday night!
I enjoy living in Burlington, NC. I feel safe here and it is centrally located in the state so we are easily accessible to the mountains and the ocean. We have a lot of nice cities around us that we can visit, such as Durham and Greensboro.
Burlington is becoming a more inviting place, but there are many areas of improvement from public safety and school quality to healthy living. Its smaller compared to many of the larger surrounding cities, but population is on a dramatic increase in Burlington and it may outgrow comfort.
I love Burlington, it's a small friendly town. I wouldn't make any changes, "you cant fix wasn't isn't broken".
I love how Burlington is expanding and is offering more of a shopping and social scene compared to Greensboro. I do not like how it is now becoming so crowded and is becoming more criminalized like Greensboro with its growing population
Burlington is a great city, while there is not always much to offer in the way of entertainment, there are many restaurants and several parks that are great places to hang out. It is a quiet family friendly town that is next to a small but bustling college town.
Burlington is a great place to live if you are mid age and/or would like to raise a family. There are great parks for kids to run around and play. Recently Burlington implemented a public transportation system to assist residence who have limited resource for transportation.
I have lived in Burlington, North Carolina off and on for 46 years. My hometown is small enough to be friendly and large enough to enjoy. What I like mostly is the location; right in the center of all the happenings but away from all the traffic. I guess I dislike mostly not having a real mall where you can go and just relax and enjoy your coffee.
This is an up and coming area that is seeing lots of revitalization in its downtown area. It would be nice to see this expand to areas outside of downtown. The area seems to be safe for the most part and the residents are really friendly too!
Burlington is a quiet environment, it's not so much like a city with a bunch of noise and traffic. The only thing I wish we had , are for fun and adventurous things to do.
Burlington is a small town. It's a cross between country and city. There aren't many things to do for teens or kids of any age range really, its more of a place where people come to live after they retire.
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Burlington has improved a lot over the years and still remains a calm city to live in. I would love to see more things to do with the family other than movies and shopping.
Well, I just moved here from Atlanta, GA and so far I like the slow pace. Not as much noise, not as much traffic, and not as many people. I love that there is a park every few miles. So my children and I have plenty of spaces to play. There are also so many local restaurants and shops to choose from. I love supporting local businesses. I do wish there more options as far as continuing education is concerned. There is only one college near me and I am sort of out of options. Other than that, I love it here. I gave three stars because I have only been here a month so there is still much to learn and explore.
Crime has rocketed since last year
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