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I love Burlingame it is a town the give off the feeling of know how everyone is and been so friendly but it is close enough to the cities that you don't feel like you are stuck in the small town. I think that Burlingame has a great selection of shops and restaurants. It also has wonderful school with children parks and activities all over the place.
I live right next to this beautiful town where there is lots of different food to eat and activities to explore!
Love the city, just housing prices are extremely high and it is hard for middle class to live there.
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So peaceful. Love the little shops down the street and the weather. Excellent schools in this district. Love how people are healthy conscience and like to jog in the afternoons.
Burlingame is a great place for young kids. The public schools are great, especially the elementary schools.
Burlingame itself is in a very good location. Because it is mostly flat, it is much easier to walk from place to place. Most of the driveways in the area are flat as well. The town has two train stations and one BART station within walking distance of the main street.

Rent in this area is incredibly expensive, near San Francisco levels.
Most homes are huge, but expensive.
Everyone is friendly and kind.
You won't see crime around Burlingame. Most people here are middle class, so it's hard to find a homeless or anyone misbehaving.
Compared to most cities, Burlingame is one of the best due to the fact that the community is friendly and everything is accessible since Burlingame population is quite small.
There is really nothing to be afraid of.
It is perfect. Mild, easy, predictable.
Burlingame is not a truly urban area, so there are not many options for those looking for work. However, it is right in between SF and San Jose, so it is easy to find something if you are willing to go a little further.
Burlingame Ave has great restaurants. There is not much night life for the younger generation, though.
You can get anything you would need in this area.
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