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Burley is an agricultural community with plenty of things to keep me busy. By this I mean work. If you love to work with your hands and get dirty, this is the place. Its still got that small town feel but plenty of entertainment options.
I grew up in Burley, Idaho. It was a great place to grow and learn about life. Crime isn't prevalent, and hard work is a common attribute. The people there are friendly and family oriented. Overall, it is a great community to grow up in.
Great little town to raise a family in! Quiet and quaint. Lots of jobs avalible in agriculture and factories. River and the mountians right out your back door!
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I really like Burley it is a great place to live I have lived there all of my life. The people there are really friendly there is some fun things to do. There are trails that you can go on and ride 4 wheelers. There is also the snake river that goes through burley so there is fun things to do on the water.
Burley is a small town, and just like any small town, everyone knows everyone. Which isn't always a bad thing. When unfortunate events occur, the town pulls together, and that's always amazing when it happens. One thing that I would like change in Burley is I would like to see more events hosted here or very close. More arts more crafts like they do in Twin Falls, Idaho. I know Twin isn't very far but some of us can't make every week up there.
I enjoy that burley is small but there is nothing to do here. The people are involved in drugs in order to keep themselves occupied. It would be nice to have more nightlife here.
In my hometown everybody knows each other, sometimes that good and sometimes that is bad. But 90% good!
My environment has shaped me for the better.
I lived in Burley for 8 years and i can say even though it is thought to be a quiet town out in the desert, a lot goes on and many memories can be made in this little town. the friendships, relationships and acquaintances are very wholesome making this town a very family oriented area. This town relies a lot on hard work due to its extensive farming companies. Growing up I was able to find what hard work meant out in the country fields working for dairies and farms. Something that could improve in this town is the education. Not many farmworkers are generally educated and are uninformed about the better opportunities for their children. They unable to lead their children to a path for success. Too many kids enter high school only to graduate and fail at life or never graduate because the opportunities were never presented to them.
I love that Burley is a small rural town and everyone seems to know everyone however I wish there were more job opportunities.
I like that it is centrally located near mountains and the river for outdoor activities. What I don't like is that it is a small town with monocultural and religious ideas.
Burley Idaho is where I was born and raised. This is a small conservative town with strong family values and religious ties. The beautiful snake river runs right through the middle, dividing two rival high schools by county. I loved growing up in this town.
Burley is a small town but it's very calm. You can do your life and find about any dream job. Burley has all sorts of opportunity to go to school and even financial help.
Burley is a small town nestled in the valley called Mini Cassia. It is a small comfortable town located far enough away from big cities to raise children in a quiet setting, yet still close enough to drive to the big cities and all they have to offer. I was raised here and cannot say enough about the generosity of the people and all there is to do.
I personally like Burley as an adult. As far as the children and teenagers, even young adults, there isn't many activities in this area for young people to participate in. A majority of the teenagers and young adults get involved in drugs because there isn't much else to do. I really hope that in the near future they decide to add more a more effective business to get these young adults away from the drugs. As of right now they are just adding retail stores.
I fortunate to be in the nicer area of the community and have probably one of the best home in the area.
I am used to a very much faster pace of life more high tech and fast times. I also am enjoying the quietness of life for all over all moment. I think it is a great place to stop sit back and take a look around to see that family is important to this community. This community, seems to value how time is spent and the future of this small community.
I only had a fortunate response with the police. It was a quick endeavor, I was walking down the highway and came across sac of money and went to turn it in to the police, not very quick in the response of the officer although they did seem very grateful. To see a new honest resident in the area.
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I was a passer by and stop into the area for a bit quite fond of the small town affect it had on me. I looked into the price of college and transfer my records here. This has a excellent College facility with amazing opportunities I love the area and the community is quite small, with great possibilities.
i lived in the same neighborhood all my life, near schools, exterior of home nice
I've always had the same neighbors growing up, residents tend to stick around for amounts of time
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