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I love that Burley is a small rural town and everyone seems to know everyone however I wish there were more job opportunities.
I like that it is centrally located near mountains and the river for outdoor activities. What I don't like is that it is a small town with monocultural and religious ideas.
Burley Idaho is where I was born and raised. This is a small conservative town with strong family values and religious ties. The beautiful snake river runs right through the middle, dividing two rival high schools by county. I loved growing up in this town.
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Burley is a small town but it's very calm. You can do your life and find about any dream job. Burley has all sorts of opportunity to go to school and even financial help.
Burley is a small town nestled in the valley called Mini Cassia. It is a small comfortable town located far enough away from big cities to raise children in a quiet setting, yet still close enough to drive to the big cities and all they have to offer. I was raised here and cannot say enough about the generosity of the people and all there is to do.
I personally like Burley as an adult. As far as the children and teenagers, even young adults, there isn't many activities in this area for young people to participate in. A majority of the teenagers and young adults get involved in drugs because there isn't much else to do. I really hope that in the near future they decide to add more a more effective business to get these young adults away from the drugs. As of right now they are just adding retail stores.
I fortunate to be in the nicer area of the community and have probably one of the best home in the area.
I am used to a very much faster pace of life more high tech and fast times. I also am enjoying the quietness of life for all over all moment. I think it is a great place to stop sit back and take a look around to see that family is important to this community. This community, seems to value how time is spent and the future of this small community.
I only had a fortunate response with the police. It was a quick endeavor, I was walking down the highway and came across sac of money and went to turn it in to the police, not very quick in the response of the officer although they did seem very grateful. To see a new honest resident in the area.
I was a passer by and stop into the area for a bit quite fond of the small town affect it had on me. I looked into the price of college and transfer my records here. This has a excellent College facility with amazing opportunities I love the area and the community is quite small, with great possibilities.
i lived in the same neighborhood all my life, near schools, exterior of home nice
I've always had the same neighbors growing up, residents tend to stick around for amounts of time
it has a great community, family oriented with good morals and general atmosphere
Since I have had the opportunity to move away from home and experience a different state as well as different cities, I can say that life in Burley really isn't terrible. I think that things for the most part are pretty good in Burley, and it is a good place to raise a family. There is little crime rate, which makes it desirable. I think that in the future, this cute little area will continue to grow, as it is doing at the moment. I think that business will continue to thrive and it will become more desirable in the future, with new businesses and subdivisions for housing.
I believe that fitness is available in small quantities. We have lots of open space for those motivated people and a couple of indoor fitness centers but not many options available. Many people in this area are over-weight or obese. We have out door activities such as skiing and biking and walking trails by the river. For my exercise I walk with my children to the park and i like to run when I am alone. I mostly choose to do my own at-home fitness workouts such as dvd and treadmill activities.
In my area you do see police on occasion but the crime rate isn't very high. I know a woman did get attacked in the dark a few blocks from my house, and my neighbor's car got broke into and everything stolen, and my other neighbor almost had his truck stolen and did have his house broken into with all their jewelry taken. People here leave their cars unlocked and houses and garages open a lot also. I don't have many concerns but I do not let my children out at night.
The weather is a normal seasonal change around here. In the Winter it will get very cold and snow drifts are always expected due to the wind. The summers are great and the temperatures reach above 100 degrees at times. Fall is cold and makes Halloween night very short due to cold walking conditions but it is also very beautiful because of the color changes of the leaves. Spring is a long awaited season which is mid 50s to 70s but after the cold Winters Spring is always exciting. We rarely get road closures due to weather and natural disasters are unheard of in this area. My essential items in my wardrobe are t-shirts and a light jacket for Fall and Spring but for Winter you need gloves, hats, and a heavy coat. In the Summer here tank tops and swim suits are essential.
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In all honesty, Burley pretty much shuts down at night and on Sundays. The only late night places to enjoy are small pubs near the river in which I have never been or Jack in the Box which is always great for late night munchies. If I had to choose my top 5 favorite places to eat here I would choose: 1. The Chadwick Bar and Grill 2. Duck Ugly's 3. Gossner's 4. Montana Steakhouse 5. Riverside Restaurant.
Besides the local retail shops and gas stations the are many agricultural positions that hire constantly. Because this area is so rural most people end up working in factories, on production lines, or in the fields. The top employer here is McCain's which is a leading potato factory. Other places include Idaho Milk, Wal-Mart, fast-food chains such as DQ or Mcdonald's.
Currently there are very few store to shop in here. The main "go-to" store is a Wal-Mart which is the only store available to get groceries and clothing/electronics/cosmetics/etc. The only problem is that because this is the only major store in town, it is constantly sold out of everything we need/want. Other than that we have the usual gas stations such as Mr. Gas, Shell, and Maverick. We do have two Stoke's grocery stores and a Smiths if you are in need of groceries only. Mom-and-pop stores come and go but the stability of new business is rough.This town is in need of a major face-lift. Nine times out of ten I end up going into Twin Falls to get anything I need besides groceries and sometimes I even get those there too.
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