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I really enjoy Burleson, however it doesn't have much of an activity place. It doesn't have much to do unless you've lived here and depending on your interest. There is however, close cities that have a lot of things to do and good places to just hang out with friends.
I lived in Burleson my whole life and I think it's great! The houses and schools are nice and lovely. Burleson High is also a great place. The baseball team is great and most people who live in Burleson think it's great. It's even quickly growing into a city! That's why I love the city of Burleson, Texas!
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Living in the moderately small town of Burleson, Tx all my life I can say that I have never seen more fast food Mexican restaurants in one county. Burleson isn't much but a couple of stores and a ton of restaurants, all of which serve the same menu. The Burleson Independent School System has helped me to prepare for my future and become college ready. As the town continues to develop there are more and more subdivisions being developed. Burleson is a great place for couples and people looking to settle down.
It is a great town to live in and I have had many great experiences here. I find that overall this town has manythings that make it a fun and enjoyable place to live.
Burleson is a medium sized city with a population of 45,000 people, and has the unique quality of being cozy like a small but being next door to a whole new world, Fort Worth.
I like the convenience Burleson has. The neighborhood I'm in, is a reasonable distance to just about anywhere I need to go. I'm able to get groceries, pay Bill's, pick kids up from school, and do shopping without leaving town.
Burleson is a sweet little town with both a cozy downtown area and an up-and-coming shopping and dining scene. You can have the feel of living in comfortable suburbs, but with I-35 and the new Chisolm Trail Parkway getting into Ft. Worth is nice and convenient.
I like that there is a high school that offers students an associates degree. I also like how everything is nearby. I don't like that there aren't too many options for places to visit and there isn't much to do here.
Burleson is a nice town that is quickly growing into a city. They are adding more and more stuff each day if you like a town that has a lot of stuff to do then its perfect for you. I would change the speed limits in Burleson, there are a lot of speeders because of the speed limit.
Burleson is a great town with loads of shopping and dining experiences. You do not have to drive into Fort Worth to find what you need. The only thing lacking are family activities. Burleson would be ideal if it opened a family arcade, bowling alley, or even a skating rink to allow for family fun.
Great town! Small but not too small. Prefect for just chillin or if you want a night on the town the big city is just a few minutes north.
I have grown up in Burleson. It is a growing city that still has that small town charm. Located south of Fort Worth, it has a rural feel that is welcoming to all! The public schools are well maintained and cared for by its citizens.
The diversity of people is a healthy balance of socioeconomic backgrounds. Residents take care of the community and are involved with one another to better the town.
Friday nights, during football season, is when Burleson is at its liveliest. The stadium is lit up with fans who come from all corners of our rural town to come together and enjoy the game!
This small suburb of Fort Worth is affordable to live in and offers a relatively stable real estate market. Burleson is very active and full of people ready to help each other. This is a close knit community where most of us know each other.
Burleson may be a growing city, but it is still small enough for us to be close to our neighbors and not go far for shopping and eating.
I love living in Burleson. It is a very nice and safe town. There are many places to go eat at and to shop at. I wish there were more entertainment places inside of Burleson, but overall it is terrific.
I have lived in Burleson my entire life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I am very thankful that the city of Burleson works as hard as they do to maintain such an amazing city.
I love Burleson! It has been such a great place to grow up and the memories I have made here I will always cherish. Even though I am moving away next year for college, Burleson will always have my heart!!!
Burleson is a growing small town with great schools and plenty of things to do. It is also a short drive from Dallas and Fort Worth, so great location
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I like how Burleson is a small town. I also like how a majority of the town consists of Purple Heart Heros from the military. I did like how there is little possibilities for teenagers. I think this should change by making more hangout places, things to do, and etc for teenagers as well as families.
A very clean place to live compared to other places. The schools are very good and full of school spirit. It's a small world, where everyone knows each other.
Burleson is alright I just wish there were more to do and more activities to do other than the movies.
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