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Small town but lots of good restaurants and shopping. Good people. Schools are excellent also. Babe's Chicken House and Fresca's are excellent places to eat in Old Town.
Burleson is an incredible city to grow up in. Recently there has been a few unfortunate incidents regarding crime, but 2 or 3 years ago, Burleson was rated the #12 best city to raise you children in the Nation of the United States of America. There are many restaurants, but very little entertainment, with the exception of 2 movie theaters.
I moved to America in July 2015 to Burleson, Texas. Burleson is a super boring town with nothing but business establishments and restaurants. The people in Burleson are not very open to diversity and things that stick out such as foreigner and non-traditional Burlesonites. Economically, it's upper-middleclass. It's a pretty nice town in general. Very up to date infra-structural and by the looks of buildings. It's not rundown and it's located pretty neatly close to the DFW metroplex.
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Really welcoming and has a very good variety of place to eat and hangout. The people who live there are very nice and welcoming. Certain parts of the town are kind of run down though.
Burleson is a friendly, small-town suburb with great family opportunities and good schools. Lots of good restaurants, just enough amenities to feel like a big city, but none of the traffic.
I've lived in Burleson most of my life and will continue to do so! The schools are great, there are tons of city sponsored family activities and events, the restaurants are clean and tasty, and the police department is awesome. It has definitely changed since I lived there as a kid, but the area is nice, safe, and friendly!
I have lived in Burleson for more than a decade it has grown so much in the last few years. This has added new businessss, restaurants, and families. This town is located in the perfect spot surrounded by small towns and on the border of a larger city life.
I LOVE how everyone knows or knows about each other. People know about each other. It's pretty safe as long you keep your children on watch every once in a while. You still have to look after your child. The school's are pretty great, other than the rivalries. There's nt much to day that's on thing I wish could change. You would have to drive at least fourth five minutes to do something fun.
Burleson is a very Homey town. It's fairly small, without feeling too small. It's also close enough to big cities so you never feel out of the way!
Don't ever live anywhere near Renfro unless you want to spend 3-5 minutes backing out of your driveway. It doesn't sound like a lot but try it sometime.
I really like Burleson because everybody is kind and nice.
All the stores and shops I go to are within 10 minutes drive and convenient.
Bigger cities with more major stores like Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie are within 20~30 minutes drive.
Quiet family friendly town with all the convenience of big city is what makes Burleson a great place to live.
Close enough to Fort Worth and far enough away from the city limits. I would like to see public transportation to Fort Worth from Burleson.
This town has grown a lot in the past 10 years. If you never wanted to leave the city limits to do Black Friday shopping, Christmas shopping, Burleson is the town just for that. The people from here can be a little two-faced from time to time, particularly teens and young adults, but everyone really is nice here. The food diversity is great here too, especially if you want to treat the family to a night out.
For me personally , Burleson is not terrible but it's not great either. Burleson has little to no places to have fun, unless your idea of fun is eating or grocery shopping then Burleson is the place for you. It is a quite peaceful town with tons of very nice people and a wonderful school district but as an 18 year old guy looking for fun , Burleson Is not the place I would recommend
Burleson is an all around nice town. It's small enough to where you might run into your friends at the store, but big enough to where you can also meet new people. It's also very friendly. I feel safe enough to be able to walk to the grocery store or just to walk around the town for exercise. One thing I would like to see change is the building of less fast food places and restaurants and maybe build a place where people can hang out or do something other than eat.
I love Burleson. It's a growing suburb, and it's amazing. There's enough schools to pick from that offer great sports programs, culinary programs, and more. The town isn't New York City, but it's sure not the country.
Burleson is a pretty clean area to visit. There is lots of different restaurants to choose from, such many local restaurants to your chain restaurants and tons of fast food. Burleson also has a good variety of markets and grocery stores to get home supplies and food. They now have 2 movie theaters to attend and a putt-putt and arcade.
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Reasonably sized town that still tries to be "small town". Plenty of family things, but could use more teen activities. Safe and quiet
I love the small town feel. But would like more cultural dining options and more variety in shopping.
Burleson is a town that truly cares about their people. They are always having family friendly events. Burleson ISD is a wonderful district. The police department is active in community relations.
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