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83 reviews
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Quiet, almost to the point where it gets really boring, however it is very safe and educational place for students. The area is very diverse too but everyone is very accepting and not judgmental.
I love our neighborhood in Burke. I live in a SFH and the families around us have been here either since the houses were built or there are new families that have kids my kids ages. The school system here is wonderful and coming from Montgomery County, MD I love it much more here.
I feel one hundred percent safe everywhere I go. The people are great, there are plenty of things to do, and there is a great diversity. the only thing I can really complain about is the awful traffic that is always there, not just during rush hour.
I like living in Burke. It provides me with great schooling opportunities and it allows me to be close to D.C. so I can be an active member of this country. I only wish there was something more to do at night or over the weekend. I have to drive somewhere at least 20 minutes away for me to have a break from my schooling. Overall I love where I live, it is a great place for me to grow up and a great place for me to figure out who I am.
Safe environment where kids can grow and prosper.
Overall crime is not noticeable meaning everyday safety is not something I usually think about. There have been more break ins and robberies recently, but I think that is just random.
The diversity of the area made it very easy to assimilate and fit in when we first moved here, in contrast to many other areas, where new people were the exception and not the rule. Better driving than in rural areas as well.
It is very calm and friendly
Until last month, it was great then my car got broken into. Gladly nothing got stolen out of my car but others yeah.
Crimes are not prevalent, police present moderately
I would live here again, but I might also move.
I would love to raise a family here but it is not the most exciting place.
This area is right next to my college so it's really convenient.
Worst quality of life and culture in the United States.....also the most arrogant and aggressive. Narcissism is rampant.
Definitely a great place to raise kids, however as a young professional it would be difficult to get by financially.
There's so much traffic and the cost of living here is not worth it.
Over time you find new things to do around.
It changes very rapidly. Can change 80 degrees in two days and often does. Summers get very muggy but usually it rains at night
Most people work for the government. However, there are plenty of opportunities for teenagers to get jobs at local stores
There are a lot of chains. Very few local stores
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