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Racist. Homophobic. Stereotypical hick-ville. I'm sure this town is "ideal" to raise a family in. However, from my experience living here as a military kid, I have known this town to be very closed-minded and always in-the-know about drama within the community. The majority of the town is related somehow, and they aren't planning on leaving anytime soon.
Very small town, lots of great restaurants and choices to shop local. Right along the Red River. Also known as "Boomtown."
Burkburnett is my hometown. I wasn't born here but I was raised here. I grew up playing sports here. I love Burkburnett. I feel at home here. I know a lot of people and they know me.
Like any town, Burkburnett has their battles with crime. However, being a smaller community, we have the benefit of having our neighbors look out for each other. Luckily, we have had very few major crimes and the police are right on it when/if it does happen. We are also lucky enough to have police at every event and constantly watching out for our town.
I was born and raised living in Burkburnett. I have enjoyed all 12 years of schooling here in Burk. Here, at Burkburnett, they work to constantly make the community and schooling thrive. I would certainly be willing to move back home after college and more than willing to raise my family here. I see Burk only growing to be an even better place to call home.
There is low crime rate in the area. The police is very responsive to emergencies. I don't have a lot of concerns in my area if I was walking alone at night.
The atmosphere is very friendly. It's filled with generous people all around. I would choose to live here again because it's a quiet neighborhood. It's crime rate is very low. I would consider my neighborhood a safe one.
Burkburnett is a homey town and even though it is small and does not have a lot of attractions, the people and feel of the town is wonderful. The town itself is improving and catching up with the times, education is improving, and the physical town is being improved. There is a new cheap water park and the parks are fun for a picnic day.
It's a great place to grow-up and/or raise a family. Small town, everyone knows just about everyone and you usually graduate with the same kids you've gone to school with since pre-k. Local business is pretty great and everyone is very friendly
The town is great, I love living here. Most of the people are so nice and friendly; you can't walk through the grocery store without knowing someone. Living near a military base also insures there are new interesting people to meet. Though there isn't much to do in town other than swim we have a mall about 15 minutes away in Wichita Falls, and there is plenty to do there. The schools are great and they have anti bullying month and the 21 days of kindness challenge. They also participate in other weeks for no texting and driving along with many others. The teachers are always there for the students. I feel like a learned a lot while there and making friends was easy for everyone. The city makes sure everything is kept up with and you can always see them driving around making sure the grass is never to long or there isn't a problem. Burkburnett may be a small town but it has a big heart and I wouldn't change anything.
Weather is typical Texas weather. Usually too hot or too cold. Not much of a fall or spring. Not much entertainment here. Usually people travel to the Metroplex (DFW) area for entertainment. Plenty of restaurants & shopping here. The job opportunities come & go. New businesses move in for a couple of years & then move out.
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