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I like the environment around where I live because it is very clean and safe. I never worry about hanging out around at nights. Also, Sea Tac airport is close to my place which is very convenient for me. A lot of green of the way to school always gives me fresh morning and cheers me up.
Burien is a nice suburb of Seattle. However, it would be better if it's hub downtown had more large tennants in it's core "downtown", starting with a movie theatre and places of interest (some sort of entertainment and shopping). this would better complement it's already established restaurants and attempts of housing density.
I've lived here and around here all my life. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love the people around here, it's so diverse. The houses are kind of expensive but it's a great area.
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Great place to live and everything is nearby. Friendly neighborhood everyone is like family. Schools are hands on. We have shopping centers on every block with gas stations and gyms.
Buren is a community of "haves" and "have-not's" thus there are many challenges. Most exist due to socioeconomic. The education the schools offer is sub par but the wealthy send their children to private schools so it's an issue that's never addressed. Most offers of address come in the form of bond which do not pass. The drug and poverty problems will all persist until the education piece is fixed.
Burien maintains a friendly and supportive community atmosphere that is conducive to learning and positive family experiences. There are many chain and family owned businesses to meet a diverse set of needs in the community. The only improvement I would recommend is a larger police force to ensure the safety of citizens around the clock.
I have lived in Burien for over 4 years. Location is great, you are close to all the amenities, shopping malls, airport, restaurants, and only 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. However, there is still much to be improved. Being a small town/neighborhood you would think that could walk to and from places, but there is a lack of sidewalks. There is heavy traffic in all major streets. Playgrounds are ok, but none are great. Although, children love the water fountain next to the library and city hall. There are racks to park your bike at key places such as the library, but not many people use them. On the positive side, events throughout the year are great including the farmers' market.
Houses get robbed. Murder happening down the street.
Very quiet. Peaceful. Lots of trees. Laid back. Independent.
The safety and crime in my area is great, cops respond right are, not much crime that happens. I could leave my door unlocked with out worrying about someone coming into my house. I live next to a fire department which is great. The police of the area is visibly and straight forward with the rules.
The area I live in is great the only thing I wish for was that stores could be a littler close, just how the East Coast is. Everything out there is easy to get to, its all walking distance, I don't have to waste gas to go to the store.
There are a lot of events that the community offers, you can participate if you want to, and you can find opportunities to be involved in the community as well.
There is quite a bit of crime around the area but it does not have a huge impact on me and where I live. I know that there are shootings and violent acts that happen around the area, but if you don't get involved it doesn't impact you much.
There are few if any criminal activities. mostly just the youth trying to explore themselves have test their boundaries.
I love the area where i live, it has great education.
Most of the houses are run-down and in terrible shape. A lot of houses that are abandoned were previously used for drug labs.
This is a high crime area. Drug dealing is the biggest, however there are also quite a few shootings, and domestic violence cases that go on throughout the weeks in this area. It's a place where all of the "trouble makers" go.
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This area isn't making as many changes as needed. I think perhaps it's because of the lack of resources. I grew up here so I am used to it however this area is very dirty, dangerous, and crime-prone.
The safety in this community is not exactly the greatest. All around the homes of friends and family members, there are constant stories of shootings and casualties due to these violent acts. The visibility of police officers are not constant and cannot fix what they can't see. Some days they are more active than usual but not too often does this occur. But on the brighter side of things, there hasn't been a lock down in the last 3 years at any of the schools I've attended. This also means that the violence levels have gone down. And as far as I can tell, this community has become a safer place.
There was an abandoned stolen car that was left near my house once, but that was about it in terms of crime
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