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The city of Burbank is filled with so much opportunity and it's so beautiful. It's the city of media and everyone is so nice. Magnolia street is my favorite place to visit because of it's diverse local small businesses.
I absolutely love living in Burbank! It’s nice and quite and still close enough to all the fun and partying of Hollywood. You can visit the fun and for a $12 Uber ride come home to your nice quite neighborhood. It’s also super safe! I can walk to 7-11 half a mile away at 2am and not be worried about anything happening. My roommates kids walk to and from the high school and middle schools less than a mile away.
Burbank is a wonderful place to grow up. I attended high school here and we had some amazing teachers. It has many colleges nearby, it's own airport (Bob Hope Airport), and it's home to the entertainment industry (Warner Brothers Studio, ABC, Walt Disney, etc). I played with my neighbors when we were little. I am blessed to have grown up here. There are lots of opportunities here and social outreach is strong. Neighbors care. We also have a very quick emergency services response (EMT, Fire, Police).
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Burbank has a lot of stores, restaurants, parks, and a lot of kind people. It's very relaxing, the neighborhoods are quite, not a lot of people are always on the streets. Most people mind their own business, but if you want help on finding a certain location, most of the samaritans would be able to help you. Magnolia Park is known for its vintage clothing stores. There are a lot of vintage stores, so if you are a fan of old style movies and want some 1950s apparel, this is the city to visit. I believe on the weekends they have farmer's market with lots of natural fruit and vegetables. They also have good cafes. The Burbank Town Center is really popular in Burbank. That's where the mall is at and also 2 AMC movie theatres. It's very convenient, so if you're out with your friends, you can go to the movies, enjoy watching a film, then go to the mall, eat at the food court, go shopping, and just have a good time with your friends. Honestly, Burbank is one the best cities to visit to.
Burbank is a great neighborhood. It's safe and is a very positive environment. The schools are nice and the area is near many great dining locations and full of a
The safety of the public is very important, the police and fire department are always making sure everyone feels safe. The community is always kept clean and there is not too much traffic on the roads. The schools are very caring towards the students growth and education. Very family friendly neighborhood. Parks are always kept clean and are age appropriate, playgrounds for the young kids and bocce ball for the older adults. There are many places to dine, too many options to choose from. Overall Burbank is a great city.
Such a family friendly area that feels very safe. Great downtown area for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
I've lived in Burbank for most of my life. It's always been a nice little town. Especially when I was younger everything was quiet. There wasn't much to do but I liked it because it had that small town feel. As time has gone on, Burbank has grown a bit and there are more activities available. Only problem is there is now more people so traffic can be crazy. But, if you don't mind all the extra people this city is a pleasant city to pass through and or live in. The only change I would like to see is a better mall and more news on what's happening in the city. They recently renovated the Burbank mall and took out some good stores. Concerning the news, at times Burbank doesn't always report what's going on. It's unsettling to find out about an incident through a neighbor or other resident as opposed to from the city itself. Overall though, I love Burbank and would recommend this city to anyone looking for nice neighborhoods and fun things to do.
Burbank is a great place for teen to live, there are many things to do such as going for a hike, watching a move or just hanging out in downtown Burbank watching the live performers and talking to your friends.
I believe that Burbank is a nice city to live in. It's a great place to raise children in as there are many great schools and the neighborhoods are very safe. Now while this is the paragon of a perfect suburban city, there really is not that much to do here. There is one mall and a couple of movie theaters around and an okay nightlife, but definitely not suitable for young adults.
Medium size town, it feels small but there is a lot of people and locations. Pricey to live in but has that small town vibe so if you can afford it it is a great town.
Great area for tourist to visit. A lot of fun stores to check out, theres also plenty of activities for all ages.
There’s many delicious restaurants to explore.
Overall it’s a very safe neighborhood.
I have lived in Burbank for the last 2-3 years and I love it. It's the type of neighborhood where you get to know your neighbors. It is the perfect city for anyone who is in or wants to be in the entertainment business. The only downside to the city is the current price of houses.
Burbank is a very nice neighborhood. There are top notch public schools in an extremely safe area. Magnolia Park and the small downtown both offer a variety of shopping and restaurants, and most areas are extremely walk-able. From my apartment, I can walk to grocery stores, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, and parks.

The downside is that Burbank expensive. It's hard to afford to buy a house in Burbank, so most people end up renting (even though renting can still be out of some people's budget). I would love to see housing and rent prices come down so more people can afford to live in this great area.
I love Burbank. It has the best public schools and a great private school. It is safe, I have never seen anything bad happen around here. The nightlife is calm. There are usually not a lot of people walking around at night. It is safe and family-friendly. The rent is expensive but worth it. There is not a lot of traffic, except in the morning when parents are trying to drop off their kids at school or trying to get to work. It is mostly Caucasians here but there are a lot of other races too.
I have lived in Burbank for about 10 years and there can be pros, though a very tight-knit community. You grow up with everyone you go to school with because nobody moves. This city has everything and has all opportunities you can think possible at your finger tips.
Is a city located in the San Fernando Valley. It's a prime location between the Valley and Downtown.
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I moved to Burbank about three years ago. I lived in LA my whole life and it is nice to be around less traffic and there is parking on the street which is nice when you invite family and friends over. I also have many stores and restaurants close by. My school commute is about 20 mins.
I love living in LA. It’s peaceful, and it’s not a lot of craziness that happens. I love that there are a lot of production companies, media, and entertainment companies around this area. I love that there is a big IKEA.

The only thing is there is two mini hotels next to each other. A lot more stuff happens in Hollywood, and I get why.
It’s close to all tv studios and has a really good school district that encourages students to go to college which I personally feel many high schools lack that
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