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It’s a small city with a lot of variety in stores. Walking distance are perfect. Parks are super nice and clean. They should make a bigger water park, with more slides and bigger for the people that live there. Also should have library that is open longer just in case people need to use anything from there. Pace should pass through later through the night. A dog park and able to have more than two dogs. Should have more activities in the district park for older people not just kids. More carnivals around the area during the summer as well as in the spring.
Burbank is a clean neighborhood. Has a wonderful township that provides a lot of services to their people.
the cost of living is low. the neighborhood is quiet and calm and very family oriented. I would love to see more restaurants
Great area to raise a family. Easy access to various stores, restaurants, things to do. Very family oriented. Good high school.
Burbank is a wonderful community. Recent additions include a public gym, swimming pool, basketball courts and a new park area. Great shopping within a 10 minute drive. Wonderful restaurants to suite any cuisine desires. Friendly neighbors in a safe community.
I am a third generation Burbank resident. My family came here when it was a new community on the outskirts of the big city, close enough for a short commute, but away from the city's hustle and bustle. While Burbank is busier than it was in the early 1950’s when many of the houses were surrounded by open fields, it still has a small town atmosphere. Children in Burbank only go to Burbank schools, including the high school. Many teachers are former Burbank residents themselves. And while there are many new half a million dollar houses going up where modest cape cods once resided, affordable housing can still be found. Overall Burbank is a good community to raise your family.
City needs a better source of revenue
This is definitely not a horrible neighborhood, but it has worsened in the time I've lived here.
As with most places, new homes are going up, money is being put into "beautifying" the neighborhood, meanwhile things that have needed repairs for long periods of time are still being neglected. More money is spent trying to bring in new crowds than it is in keeping those that are already there.
Crime is getting worse. My neighbor just got robbed at knife point. She's 11.
Used to be a quiet, safe neighborhood. Everyone is leaving because it is getting bad. The weather is awful too.
Has become worse in the last few years.
This was a great place to live but has started shifting in the wrong direction over the last few years.
Being nearby a busy street is possibly the scariest thing in the neighborhood if you have children. Other than that, crime does not seem like an issue, the neighborhood residents range from families to elderly couples. The most serious crime that occurred in this area was a stolen bike.
The area is an ideal neighborhood, along with a park nearby and friendly people. Their are plenty of stores within walking distance, which is very convenient.
Many different types of homes. Some vacant houses still around.
Police are present. Very safe area
The community of employees can be more respectful and politefully mannered.
If I could choose, I would live in Burbank all over again just because I enjoy the memories and people I have met in this area. Although, if I was a newcomer of the city, I would recommend to keep driving. As the years go by it has been getting a bit worse when it comes to crime and violence. No, not as bad as say Chicago city violence but for a small suburban town, it has its flaws.
Friendly neighborhood, great schools, close to Chicago
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