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Lived here my whole life. Not a lot to do besides gamble or go on the river. Even then its so hot you dont want to do anything.
It is know as the hottest place to live with the shadiest people. It is super hot in the summer time. But it's right there on the Colorado River which is nice. But the weather is terrible and then you have the monsoons to come up in the fall it's nuts. Besides that the people are weird they stink everybody was still from everybody and there's not a freaking illegal person there is.
I am born and raised in Bullhead City, AZ. To me, Bullhead City will always be my home but I would like to see some improvements in the community.
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Bullhead is a cheap place to live with a lot to do if you can withstand this terrible heat! The river is about the only thing I ever get out of the cool air conditioning for.
The things I like best are:
1. Spectacular mountain views
2. The great beaches along the Colorado River
3. Many places to dine-in or dine on the river
4. Many places to shop
5. Bullhead City is minutes away from the borders of California and Nevada
6. The people are very friendly
7. Everything you need is in Bullhead City, AZ
8. Very low crime rate
Bullhead City is a quaint, little town with a lot of personality. Most of the time everything goes smoothly. The crime rate is low, the scenery is beautiful, the cost of living is more than achievable and there is a 'everyone knows everyone' type of feel. Although this is typically not someones first choice as far as a place to live; the area and the people grow on you which makes it enjoyable.
Bullhead city is a great vacation town, I personally would not recommend raising kids there! They could use more activities to keep kids active involved and off drugs !
Poor. It's what Bullhead has always been. I've lived my entire life in this town, save for years I went out to L.A. for college, and although it's grown over the years, it has not improved. High crime rates that can be directly connected with high drug use. Lack of education and available quality jobs mean children that stay here have very little opportunity to improve their situation. Many of the large employers in town seek only to take advantage of their employees, and it shows. I think this town could be something wonderful, but not if we don't get big business out.
Bullhead city is great place to visit or retire. Not a great place to grow as a person or start a family.
It is a small quiet town. It has limited thiing to do but, is very safe. Not s lot of crime goes on. We have Laughlin across the river where you can enjoy gambling, buffets and more. Not only do we have casinos ut we also have the river which is extremely fun.
Bullhead City is my hometown. I have lived in Bullhead my entire life, and so have most of my friends. Bullhead has a lot of issues on its own but as a city whole it's not too corrupt. By corrupt I mean drugs, crime, gang activity, etc. Growing up I enjoyed living here, besides the weather I never really has an issue with it, but now I'm all grown up. I'm realizing I want more than some river days at the park & going to Laughlin for a movie. I as a resident can see my city expanding and improving slowly but it's just not growing fast enough for my liking. It is a good city that holds many low income families like myself, and it has somewhat acceptable job opportunities. Everything I need is always either around the corner or a few blocks away. The people are kind and friendly & you can always find help here.
I love Bullhead City because of the outdoor activity. It is minutes away from the Colorado River and Lake Mohave. The summers do get hot like over 100 for a few months hot. So the lake or river make for a perfect place to cool off. I also like that Bullhead City is a small community but is expanding. We just got our first Starbucks! Everyone in town seems to know someone that you may know. I like small towns. I prefer the close community and knowing ones neighbor to driving by everyday and going who lives there? Bullhead City does have a high transient population due to its affordable cost of living and climate. One popular attraction that draws populations to Bullhead City is that we are across from Laughlin,NV with more options for dining, shopping, and casinos. Bullhead city is also a high retirement population due to its amenities and low cost.
Bullhead is hot and windy. The education is terrible but at least we have a river and we finally got a stand alone Starbucks.
I would like to see my city expand. Better streets and roads with more buildings for better job opportunities. When building more stores, something different with more variety.
Bullhead city is a beautiful place to experience for a vacation. In the winter there's all hiking on trails and going off roading. In the summer is probabaly the best time, not only do you get the peacefulness of laying out by the river, but it's also fun to go on your boat or seadoos on the lake. There is not very much to change about bullhead city , everything evens out to make it nice.
Lived here all my life and really got attached to this town. My favorite things to do here is play basketball at either the blue courts or the courts at the skate park. On a hot day which we have everyday here there is a river that stretches all through Bullhead city.
Bullhead City is great because of its safety as in there is not a lot of crime here. Bullhead City is a healthy place to live, for its clean air, for its many gyms, and for the many stores of personal health. In the night time its cool because so many lights and the active is great.
Review Bullhead City
I really enjoy it in Bullhead City. The weather is usually pretty nice and allows for you to spend time with friends at the river, or any of the parks around town. However, there's not a lot of things for young people to do here, and that is something that should be changed.
The city has grown but has not given up the small town feel. It encourages healthy and family lifestyle by maintaining a public pool, parks, sports fields, and little league sport activities.
I've lived in Bullhead City for 18 years and I have seen it flourish from a small town into something great. Many businesses have opened and are thriving.
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