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Bullhead is hot and windy. The education is terrible but at least we have a river and we finally got a stand alone Starbucks.
I would like to see my city expand. Better streets and roads with more buildings for better job opportunities. When building more stores, something different with more variety.
Bullhead city is a beautiful place to experience for a vacation. In the winter there's all hiking on trails and going off roading. In the summer is probabaly the best time, not only do you get the peacefulness of laying out by the river, but it's also fun to go on your boat or seadoos on the lake. There is not very much to change about bullhead city , everything evens out to make it nice.
Lived here all my life and really got attached to this town. My favorite things to do here is play basketball at either the blue courts or the courts at the skate park. On a hot day which we have everyday here there is a river that stretches all through Bullhead city.
Bullhead City is great because of its safety as in there is not a lot of crime here. Bullhead City is a healthy place to live, for its clean air, for its many gyms, and for the many stores of personal health. In the night time its cool because so many lights and the active is great.
I really enjoy it in Bullhead City. The weather is usually pretty nice and allows for you to spend time with friends at the river, or any of the parks around town. However, there's not a lot of things for young people to do here, and that is something that should be changed.
The city has grown but has not given up the small town feel. It encourages healthy and family lifestyle by maintaining a public pool, parks, sports fields, and little league sport activities.
I've lived in Bullhead City for 18 years and I have seen it flourish from a small town into something great. Many businesses have opened and are thriving.
Bullhead City truly is a small town. I have lived here for two years and coming from a town that is the size of most states, this has proved to be very welcoming and comforting. For me the best part ... no freeways !
I have grew up here since I was 5 and within the years I have lived here it has been fairly okay. We don't have a high crime level, which is always nice. It is more of a retirement town and not much for the younger crowd. I would like to see the town grow more and progress on getting more of a variety of things to do within town.
Not the best, but it's a great place to raise children and there are a lot of academic opportunities at the high school for teenagers. There are a bunch of community events to keep you busy, but you generally have to be 21 or older for a lot of the activities. That's why the schools and churches try to have extracurriculars for youth.
I don't hear much about crime in this town.
Okay for coming back home from college.
Crime always seems to happen here and i mean its everywhere but gosh so many bad things happen here.
I would not want to live here all over again because I am a wanderer and I love seeing new things and meeting new people. I mean this place has wonderful things to offer food, wonderful weather year around, all year around activities, lots of things.
Bullhead City, Arizona is a small town where mainly snow birds move to during the winter. There is not much to do for the youth so most get in trouble.
There are few jobs and very little opportunity for anyone because of the limited things this town has to offer.
There is no exciting restaurants in town. Some places are poor in food quality while others are not maintained well. The variety of restaurants are scarce.
I have not heard or seen an crime lately. I believe the safety is great, it is a place I would want to raise my children someday.
The workout facilities are very clean and friendly and trainers encourage their students and other people to join. There is a good soccer program for the youth and a good high school program for Mohave and River Valley. The convenience of hospitals is great but I would not attend to one due to the lack of knowledge in experience.
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