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Growing town just out of TylerTX. NIce and homie to the right people. Easy to adjust to daily life if you like the heat and the people are really nice to get used to. The town is growing and will continue to get bigger. The mayor is a real people person who listens to people's needs. All around great place to be.
Cost of living is a little high, but in general it's worth the price. You get what you pay for. There are a lot of really nice neighbor hoods. I live in the "not so great" neighbor hood and it's still great.
Once people move to Bullard, they typically don't leave. They have the best public and private schools in this area and people tend to come here for that reason. There is a lot of community activities for people to be involved in.
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I have been here for 3 years and have not notice any crime activity in this town. Safety is not a concern for me.
This is a wonderful area to live. It's just north of A large shopping area. It's a quite small town area with a wonderful school district for kids.
Education is great due to a growing public school system with a forward thinking school board. There is also a top private school (The Brook Hill School) in the city as well. A new kids park is a great addition in the last couple of years. The local government is also very proactive. New residential developments have been going on for several years with commercial endeavors now following. Great grocery store along with doctors offices, attorneys, dentists, hair and massage, insurance, retardants and bars, etc.
This area is rapidly growing and it's bringing new people and resources to town.
It is mostly warm all year round. The fall and winter are average and bearable and the summer can be extremely hot.
There is a wide variety of restaurants and bars, however most places close by 10pm.
There are always places hiring, just might not be the "ideal" job.
The reliability and availability of public services is great
There is a variety of shopping that caters to many needs.
There are not very many mom and pop shops in Bullard. A few years ago there were several but with the population growing these shops can not compete with the new businesses that are moving into the area.
Bullard as I said, is a family community that is growing at an alarming rate. The school system and family atmosphere is drawing people from the surrounding communities. Many of the people moving to Bullard are very affluent and building homes that are upper middle to upper class homes and neighborhoods.
Bullard Texas is a small community with approximately two thousand people living here. We have a great school system that draws many teachers from surrounding areas. Which makes it difficult for teachers to get a teaching job. There is very little if not any industry in Bullard to attract jobs or businesses. Bullard is a family community where most of the employed population commutes to other areas.
The restaurants in this area are a mix of traditional American food with Mexican and Chinese.
We do not hve a lot of local businesses. Need more but rent is too high in most places and land is limited.
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