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There is not much crime in this area.
Overall experience is great. There are lots of things to do around here. If you get bored in the city, then you can drive about 20-40 minutes to other cities, and even Washington DC, and have a lot of fun. Employment is very good in pretty much all fields.
Around this area most people live in town houses or apartments taht vary in area, and also cost. A lot of people have single family houses that are older and lack proper care on the outside. I've seen while driving a small gated community that seems misplaced as it shows the true division between the "upper" class and the lower class
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The community itself was not bad. I am not the type to interact with neighbors as I rarely spend time outside so my opinion on this is biased, however what I do see in my community is that there are chances to be involved and shows hope for changes in the future.i believe that major changes will be made in time.
It's hard for me to review apartments and crime since I rarely need/ view their service. However, while I drive I see active police and recall a time in the past where police were needed and came.
I see my area as a chance to be great but I feel lack of care for the environment, as well as lack of care for the area that money has been put into to stay nice really damages my reflection on the area itself.
As stated before, crimes have happened on occasion. It's almost rare, yet not rare at the same time.
The area is pretty okay in terms of proximity to everything, and people usually keep to themselves, although we've had crimes happen on occasion.
Crime where I live in a certain neighborhood is when people take advantage of selling drugs, robbing others and even gang members live near my neighborhood and they most certainly kill others.
This area has been my home for years now, even if I wanted to leave I wouldn't know where to go. So overall most of the people are generous, kind and especially diverse within cultures which is something I admire the most about manassas.
Manassas is a very safe place to live. I never feel scared to walk around.
Manassas is a good suburban area with good schools and facilities. There are many restaurants and things do to in the area, and DC is only about 40 minutes away.
Housing is good here, but the layouts are all becoming far too similar and less unique.
Crime is probably an increasing topic in Northern Virginia as a whole.
Some parts are updated and interesting, but more and more areas are becoming run down with the increase in local population.
I like this area a lot. There are 2 little parks nearby for kids, a gym to work out in, a tennis court, and a pool! If I could live over again, however, I would not live here at first because the school that I went to in SC gave me more opportunities. I would still live here after graduating from hi school.
I would not chose to live in the area that I live if I had the choice. I'd rather move to Gainesville. It's newer and There are more things to do. It definitely looks better. The people that live in my area don't help either. They just have a mentality that I don't have. Their definition of respect is off in some way.
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The community I reside in isn't the best, but we keep our space clean. Manassas is a small town and if you become a long term resident like myself ,you begin to respect more where you rest your head. In my neighborhood, we keep the area clean and safe. We keep it this way so that none of the residents or residential loved ones have anything to be in fear of.
The weather is pretty erratic sometimes, but who doesn't like a little weather adventure?. Considering all the possibilities of a wintry-mix on the first day of spring, we usually match a scarf and boots with a wonderful spring maxi dress and a cardigan.
You can always have great, clean fun in Manassas. Considering that I'm so old and my belief system doesn't believe in most "good time" activities, there are more than enough things to do so that all social groups can have the greatest time
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