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We love living in Buhl. The only downside is the high cost of our water bill. Buhl is a great small town to raise a family in. It has a true small town USA feeling.
Of coarse every area is going to have a few problems here and there. The crime rate has definitely dropped in the past five years. Life in Buhl is amazing.
I've absolutely loved living here my entire life. I want my children to grow up here. The people are friendly, and the school systems are amazing! Simply the best little town to live in.
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No problems getting around town
Not many neighbors that have a neighborhood watch active
No issues with the weather
The variety is pretty good, because they installed McDonalds near by. Now there's a wide variety of foods in the area
Although there are some opportunities in the area to get a job it is quite difficult to find a job that doesn't require a degree that is why I want to go to college.
Dons is in the area, usually it is easy to get what you need the bad thing is that it is very expensive to get what you want.
The services are good here, in regards to police, fire, and EMS. The county services such as power and gas are great as well, really helpful and prompt. I'm not familiar with the local governing authorities.
For such a small town, it has quite a bit of crime. However, the police system is pretty good.
This is a highly agricultural area, so most careers in that field will more than likely be successful.
Not much variety, and there is not any fine dining to be found. There is some great hispanic food to be had, however.
Very small, and kind of run down town. The people are really nice, but most people commute to the next town for major needs.
you don't have to drive far to camp, hike, fish, boat, all of that, so its nice
not a lot of crime here, yes, once in a while someone steals something, breaks into somewhere, beats someone up, but overall, pretty quiet
I dont' have a complaint about any of it, once i a while you will find a rude person/persons, but....
Review Buhl
We have a school district, small businesses and restaruants and grocery stores, but they usually will hire older teens which is great
Nothing much to talk about for eating a couple mexican restaurants which are good food, but not to rave about
there is nothing fancy about Buhl at all. Just a farming community
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