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I love where i live
I love where i live
I live in the country and the atmosphere and the quietness is very relaxing. My neighbors are sometimes noisy, If I had an opportunity I would live somewhere else. There are no stores or business in miles, I think that there needs to be some business for those who do not live inside the city limits.
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Overall, this is a great area. The people are like everywhere else...Some are nice, others aren't. That is just human nature. The weather is good. It normally doesn't get so horribly cold like in the North, and not too far from the beach. Basically, life is good. Well, sometimes when they fertilize the fields, life stinks, but that is another story.
I like the area. It's home for me, considering I have not lived anywhere else. Its small but everyone knows everyone, which I like. In the future, I see this area staying about the same. I do not see it expanding in any way.
I love living in this area where even though it's growing rapidly, you still have families who have lived here for generations! It's a perfect balance between the old south and the new!
We are southern born and bred the live for the outdoors.
I love where we live, it's just far from where everything is
You don't hear of crazy stuff, but sometimes things happen and you loose your trust in man.
Other than feeling like Mother Nature gets a tad confused as the seasons change, the weather overall is great. Occasionally we get good winter snow, and as southerners.... We can't drive well in that.... Even though it's sort of like mud....
It's getting better. Downtown has a few unique options. Hwy 74 offers a few good chain dining experiences such as Longhorn, Olive Garden and Chili's. I remember a few years ago when we had to drive 30 minutes for that.
Monroe is GROWING. No matter what you can find a job. I am 18, live at home and gave my own job earning over minimum, yet, I work in fast food. The more people you meet and prove your morals and work ethic to, the more job opportunities that become available. References and connections are EVERYTHING.
Monroe is my hometown. I love it. Everything you need is at your fingertips. However, if you aren't one to jump in and look for a way to become involved, you will miss all the great things about it. One of my favorite things about Monroe business is that it is home to Stone Table. This is a modern restaurant in downtown, with a different menu. On it are items such as a delicious peanut butter banana and bacon sandwich, kale salad, chicken and waffles, bourbon bacon doughnuts, or pimento cheese. There are tons of cute boutiques downtown, where the remains of the first Belk's stands. Monroe's new Belk's can be found back out on Hwy 74 as a part of Monroe Crossing Mall, which is trying its best to grow. Also, my family owns our own martial arts business in downtown and everyone who comes in becomes a part of the family. This is a normal thing in Monroe, customers becoming, and being treated like family.
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