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I love Buford. It has a small town feel in a large county such as Gwinnett. The family atmosphere is great for kids. I feel safe in Buford. The close proximity to the mall and restaurants still gives you options for late night fun, and there is so much more development happening in Buford.
Buford is a welcoming and open community. I have lived year for 3 years now and have enjoyed it ever since. Downtown Buford has a great place to shop, eat, and even hold events. I am going to miss this place when I go off to college.
Buford has grown a lot over the last 5 years. It has a small town feel with a big city footprint for shopping and eatery. You can shop at 3 major grocery stores, shopping mall, banks, and any restaurant you can think of within a 5 mile radius.
I'm very happy I choose to live in Buford.
Buford is the kind of community were neighbors are familiar with each other. They are kind friendly place to live. Very peaceful and quiet. We have lived in Buford, for 7 years and have felt a sense of safety in our community. The public schools are very good. They have proven several years in a roe, to have a high graduation rate among high school students. Also beautiful areas for activities and parks to enjoy with your pets and family. These parks offer swimming and skate board parks, and have walking trails for the health conscious. For the locals Buford offers the peace of the lake and the convenience of the commute to the cities by way of the main highways. I would recommend our community future home buyer looking for a great place to raise a family.
Buford is a great area to live. There are many restaurants, parks, churches, movie theaters, and great schools nearby. No matter what you are interested in, the opportunity is only a couple minutes drive away. The only thing I don't enjoy about Buford is that there are so many people condensed into one area, and the number of residents is only continuing to grow. It's a great suburb with lots to do, but sometimes there are too many people to enjoy it with.
Buford is a wonderful place to live. It is nice and quite living in this area. People are friendly and we live 5 minutes away for the Mall of Georgia.
Buford is an incredible place to live - everything you could ever want or need is just around the corner. Entertainment, food, and some of the best shopping in Georgia. Buford is the undoubtedly the best place to live in all of Georgia.
Buford is a quiet Suburb filled with middle class families. It is a very clean city and has a lot of great parks, shopping areas, places to go out and dine or to just watch movies. It is just outside of Atlanta, about 25-30 minutes, which is great because if you love the city life it isn't very far! If you are a young couple looking for partying it may not be the place for you, you will have to make the drive into Atlanta to find cool bars or nightclubs.
Buford, Georgia is a great place to raise a family. It has a small town feel, but is only a 40 minute drive into Atlanta. The schools are top notch!
I work in Buford, and I have lived in Buford for about two years. I love that I am close to the mall and restaurants. The people are friendly and I enjoy the Mill Creek Greenway to walk my dog.
I love my town! My family is from Buford, I moved here when I was 8 years old. My children grew up here and went through the Buford city school district. Buford celebrates a 95% graduation rate which is amazing. The city is growing quickly, we have plenty of employment opportunities.
Buford is a Wonderful City located close enough to both the hustle and bustle of Atlanta and the North Georgia Mountains. I love living here!
Live close to the mall and there are many things to do around here. There are so many restaurants, gyms, parks, and other activities to do around here. The kids are amazing and never ran into someone disrespectful. Standard of living is a bit higher than other cities such as Lawrenceville but it's worth it since the area is cleaner and safer. Much better schools as well. Went from Central Gwinnett High School to Mill Creek. You can easily see the difference between Lawrenceville and Buford.
Buford is a wonderful little town. The community is so tightly knit; everyone comes together for local theatrical productions, choral concerts, and sports.
In the town of Buford, there is not much to do; however, the lake and town center nearby can be joyful on a nice day. Also because the Mall of Georgia is so close, it is very easy to commute and shop often.
The area is pretty safe but there have been several murders in the past 6 years that I've lived here. You won't see the police around too much but they're there if you need them.
The schools are pretty good. Buford City Schools is known for being a good school system. There are a lot of jobs because of the Mall of Georgia and there are several companies here that offer manufacturing jobs. Rent is expensive in the area as are homes for sale. It is hard to find affordable rent here. Crime happens quite often here, mostly in the form of drugs and robberies. You do hear of more serious crimes such as rape sometimes and I know of several murders that have happened in the area over the past 6 years.
There have not been many criminal issues in this area, but the police and ambulances are very responsive to situations
I love where I live. We live close enough that we can walk over and ask if they have sugar, but far away enough that we have our own space.
There are occasional crimes in the news, either domestic issues or people passing through the area and are not long time residents.
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