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My children and I moved to Buford, GA in August 2010. I was freshly divorced, and had obtained my dream job in a nearby city, but had a four-hour commute each day. I decided to move to be closer to my job and because Gwinnett County has a great school district. We found Buford to be a beautiful place to live with kind, friendly neighbors, quiet, peaceful neighborhoods, and tolerable traffic. We still love our home and neighbors and if we weren't opposed to increased traffic, would invite others to come experience life in this city!
It was a nice place to grow up, but with the increase in metro Atlanta traffic, commuting became a chore
The Buford community is very close and supportive, but there is not a lot of diversity. In addition, it is a small town so there's not much to do.
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Buford is a place like no other. The school systems provide an education that paves the way for success! Growing up in the City of Buford provided me with a healthy lifestyle and readiness to be a life long learner.
Family friendly area with lots of restaurants and shopping centers. Schools have a high rank and among some of the top schools.
Buford has a very calm, quiet and safe environment. Great for raising a family. The school system is above average. I would recommend others to move to Buford.
If you are looking for a place that is family friendly, efficient for job search, and have multiple places within walking distance, then Buford is the City for you.
It is a beautiful suburb, however, the residents do not seem to be very open to diverse populations. I have had some unpleasant, random experiences regarding race with others for no apparent reason.
Area great for shopping and leisure. I work in this area and always have a variety of things to do on my break.
Other than the Mall of Georgia there isn't really anything to do or visit in Buford. More business and more activities would improve the city. In particular, the nightlife is virtually non-existent. Have to drive a couple hours to Atlanta to have some time-out.
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My goodness, the traffic is horrendous. That is really the only complaint. Other than that, you have the Mall of Georgia, so many places to eat, and many places for us to go and spend time as a family. I live a about ten minutes away from the Mall of Georgia, and the biggest convenience for me is being in close proximity to everything I need. We've lived in Buford for about 2 years now and the city has been good to us, so far.
I live in Buford, Georgia. This city is nice and easy to get around. There are lots of job opportunities here. That is a plus.
Buford is great place to live. There is something for everyone to enjoy no matter their age. The city has amazing public education, clean and safe parks, The Mall of Georgia which offers shopping, dinning, and movie viewing options. Its a very diverse area where everyone is represented. The only negative is the rapid population growth is causing a increase in traffic. Otherwise a perfect place to move and raise a family.
being in gwinnett county(one of the best in GA), buford has a lot of decent schools such as Mill Creek High, GSMST, Osborne, and many more! The environment here is pretty nice as well! It's a heaven for people who like wildlife and natural habitats!
Buford is very family oriented. This area has great schools. The area is calm and refreshing. I often go for walks and notice lots of new houses being built. Buford is an area that is growing and will become even better in the future.
It is a beautiful little town, but there is a lot of traffic. The only main attraction is the Mall of GA.
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Buford was a safe and friendly neighborhood. The mall of Georgia is located in this city and is a main reason why there was so much growth in the upper north Georgia region . There is a separate schools system called Buford city schools. It is a well programmed school system.
Buford is a nice community. It is well kept and quiet. You would love it here. One day when I was driving home from a friend's place, an old lady was crossing the street. She seemed to be having difficulty and a nice young man passing by stopped and helped the gentle old lady. I thought this was very lacking around Georgia but I witnessed this in my community, Buford. It is very lovely.
I love Buford. It has a small town feel in a large county such as Gwinnett. The family atmosphere is great for kids. I feel safe in Buford. The close proximity to the mall and restaurants still gives you options for late night fun, and there is so much more development happening in Buford.
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