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The people within the community are so kind and not judgemental. They help others in need and will always have your back. They welcome everyone with big smiles and loving hearts.
living in Buffalo is a unique experience. Living in such a small town allows you to truly experience community. This is a community that comes together and rallies around each other in times of need. We are ever growing and our best days are in front of us.
I like the fact that Buffalo is a mid-sized town with a small-town feel. The only thing I would like to see change is the addition of a big grocery store such as Wal-Mart or HEB.
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I haven't lived her but for two years, but nothing bad had ever happened.
Its a pretty small town and not much to do here, but his has the home feeling everyone loves.
The police are quite visible the majority of the time. They are good about making sure the speed limit it followed, and they make sure cars are in good repair on the road. I haven't needed to call them for an emergency, so I can't judge how quickly they respond.
Buffalo is a quiet, sleepy sort of town. But it's nice because it isn't over-crowded and there are plenty of places to find good food. It's not my favorite area in the world, but it's still a comfortable place to live! And I'm glad that we have a coffee-shop and a few boutiques in town too. I was really excited when we finally got a Cinnabon and a Taco Bell built this year! This will be a nice place to come back to when I come home on breaks from college.
The overall experience of this area is okay it is a small town with plenty of gas stations and a lot of fast food places. It has a public high school. The resident in the area are somehow related to one another or they have never left the area or even the state. Every time I go to the grocery store I always see somebody I went to school with or a family friend. One thing that i love about this town is that they show a lot of support for all the high students that play sports. If had to choose to live here again i could not do it I would live somewhere far but close enough to visit every now and then.
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