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Great place for kids and a beautiful place on earth with mountains and low population. Great community where people help others in need and wave to strangers. Lovely down to earth people with wholesome values.
I lovely small town. It's a great place to raise a family. Not a lot of night life but plenty of nature all around.
I would like to see more kids and young adult programs and events. also the needs for people who choose not to attend the bars would like something to do in events and related activities.
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I moved to Buffalo WY, to give my children a better future. In a small close knit community. You have the mountains right in your own backyard. Most homes are in walking distance from schools,parks and downtown. They have a lot of happenings in the summer. One for what we are becoming famous for long-mire days. The schools are nice here. However it would be nice if town offered more things to do in the winter. If you don't enjoy beginning out in the snow. it would also be nice if they had a few more restaurant here along with the stores if they would have prices equal to the bigger stores so I would be able to shop locally. Also if they had more programs for children with special needs. Other then those couple of issues,which we have managed to work out by going out of town for. Buffalo is a great place to live and I would never move.
Buffalo is a great location to raise a family. It has that small-town charm with a sense of "family" in the community. Downtown has many locally owned shops, including a local brewery, with a variety of merchants. There is a public-owned pool that is free to everyone in the summer. There are a lot of things to do around town for any age, and if you need more excitement, just drive 10 miles up the Big Horn Mountains to have access to lots of outdoor amenities, including skiing, hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, and more!
most businesses are individually owned
housing is a bit expensive in this area
people are freindly but keep to themselves
its a low crime rate area
Theres a few good restaurants in the local area. Everything closes really early and there is a big variety of choices
There is great local history here so the attractions are either historic or natural as we live right next to the Big Horn Mountains.
If you like seasons, you'll love Buffalo because we have all four. Some people think it's a bit cold, but if you like winter sports, you'll fit right in.
Flying out of Buffalo is a pain. The closest airport is 30 miles away but VERY pricey and the closest major airport is Denver which is 6 hours away. Other forms of public transportation are not available. But if you are looking for an interstate, Buffalo is at the intersection of two major ones: I-25 and I-90
We have a local YMCA and a private gym. Crossfit has become popular and there are lots of great outdoor opportunities to exercise. Great trails, tennis courts, track and the mountains.
There certainly isn't a lot of diversity here, but there are still great people with great stories and backgrounds.
If you like fast food, you're in luck. Other than that there aren't a whole lot of good options. Up in Smoke is a local and organic BBQ that is good and has off menu ethnic nights. Breadboard is a local sub shop. Dash Inn is a local American eatery/fast food and Winchesters is a local steakhouse.
When it comes to local businesses, there aren't a lot to choose from but one of the best is Sport's Lure a great outdoor sports shop. Another great and local favorite is the Breadboard sub shop.
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Being such a low populated state, the government officals are very personable and easy to get in contact with.
The community is both pet and family friendly. The community has two very large parks and an excellent trail system for biking, walking, running, etc.
If you need entertainment provided for you, this isn't for you. But if you love to be outdoors, the possibilities of something to do are endless. Great atmosphere for young families and retired people alike. Not exactly the best place for singles.
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