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I have lived in Buffalo Grove for my entire life, and so I can easily call it home. There is a strong sense of community within this suburb. I admire the friendliness of my neighbors, the job opportunities in local businesses such as Didier Farms, and how relatively close everything is.
I have to strongly object to the ranking you confer to Buffalo Grove, IL . I fail to see how there could be great rankings for a town in which hundreds of angry residents show up at Village board meetings to object to high density housing projects, the main road thru town is constantly clogged with traffic, a multimillion dollar downtown development project sits vacant, and the Village tried to ILLEGALLY annex an unincorporated area in secret. Businesses are moving out because of the unwillingness of the VIllage to support local business, and as a result, empty commercial buildings are everywhere. They voted to put a 4 lane highway thru a residential neighborhood, endangering children walking to 2 schools in a misguided attempt to divert traffic from the overcrowded and crumbling main road thru town, instead of actually fixing the problems with the main road. Board members hold public hearings because it's required but don't care about residents' opinions.
Buffalo Grove is friendly and quiet and there is a high school nearby where I can walk there instead. Very convenient.
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Buffalo Grove has some decent attributes, but overall it does not deserve anywhere near the high rating it gets. The schools are just ok. The infrastructure, everywhere you look, is crumbling; abandoned buildings everywhere, roads falling apart, police having lunch on the side of the road while people drive 60 mph down buffalo grove road( it's a 35 mph street.) The local government is lazy, they treat citizens like criminals and are paid massive salaries to work 35 hour weeks.(Google Buffalo Grove transparency to see the millions in taxes being paid)
The village is hostile to business inside its very own borders.
Its farmers market isn't IFMA certified.
The city talks a big game but does little.
If you want to drive through and take a good look you'll see it's not that appealing. You can do it at 60 mph in a residential area while the police are napping.
Buffalo Grove is a quaint town in the suburbs of Chicago where besides the occasional fair or parade nothing out of the ordinary happens.
Simply an amazing place to live! Wonderful schools, incredible neighbors, and a very supportive community!
Buffalo Grove is a small, quiet suburb with the right balance of entertainment and calm neighborhoods.
I loved the schools in Buffalo Grove and the support that the teaching staff gives their students. Lots of parks and bike paths. It would be nice to have a "downtown" area with local shops, socializing area, and possibly weekly entertainment from local residents.
Buffalo Grove is a great suburb. The education is amazing. The high school is nationally ranked with a great staff and tons of opportunities for kids. Junior high and early education is great too. As a resident, I've always felt very safe. It's also not a bad commute to the city. Highly recommend!
I love Buffalo Grove because of the resources, sense of community, and education system. The only improvement I would suggest for Buffalo Grove is to have a nicer Park District center where families can come together for activities.
I moved to Buffalo Grove IL in 2009. I can tell that this suburb is one family friendly. The cost of living is is very good.
Buffalo Grove is a very family friendly area with beautiful parks and lots of outdoor activities. It is beautiful in the summer months and in the fall, and gets a heavy amount of snow in the winter. It has hills for kids to sled on in the winter and numerous basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields. I lived here for 14 years and loved it. For teens it can be a little boring at times, but many suburbs offer this same dilemma.
Buffalo Grove is a safe and family friendly suburb located north of the north shore. Although there are high costs to live in Buffalo Grove, these costs are justified by the good school systems and safe neighborhoods. However, Buffalo Grove does not have a downtown area that many neighboring suburbs have.
Very peaceful, almost no crime, and very friendly neighbors. Nothing much happens here but the school district is excellent.
BG is a nice little city among the Chicago suburbs. The school system is good and prepares you for college or other opportunities. Every neighborhood has a park in which children can play. There are plenty of chain and local restaurants at which to eat and chain stores at which to shop. There are good libraries and a entertainment venues nearby. A train to downtown Chicago runs through the town.
Buffalo Grove is an extremely safe place to stay. There is a lot of greenery and great people. The neighbourhood is safe and very clean.
Nothing, I really love living here. The schools are quite amazing and all the neighborhoods are clean and safe for families. plenty of activities for the whole family to do all year round.
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Buffalo Grove was the town I grew up in ever since I was born all the way until I graduated high school. All of my memories are here. The schooling is amazing, the people here are extremely friendly, the parks are great, and it's extremely safe. This is a perfect place to raise a family and have a great life. The only problem is there isn't a downtown area, and you might get bored since there aren't that many places to go out. Other than that, Buffalo Grove is great!
This place is amazing! The people and the location are awesome. Good public schools, good food, and lots of fun activities to do! I really recommend this area for a nice little family to settle in to the Chicago land scene.
Buffalo Grove is a typical Chicago Northwest suburb. It has some diversity and most people who live here are here for the academic school system. Lots of friendly people and a nice community overall.
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