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Beautiful place to live. Very friendly neighbors. However, the area is seemingly getting worse towards the South border of Buffalo Grove (Palatine, Wheeling)
We have moved last summer. it is a nice,clean city with a higher cultural diversity. You have all sort of stores around, from groceries to department store.
Buffalo Grove is the perfect place to raise a family. This town has a great school system and very safe neighborhoods. Aside from being family friendly, it also has great places to eat. One of my favorites would have to be Countyline Tavern. The restaurant has fantastic food and a grand variety of drinks. This town is also pretty close to major roads and express ways, which makes far distance travel easier.
I love the safety of my community. I think buffalo grove has a great community life and its a great place for people to grow up and raise families.
Peaceful, generally good schools (a few duds out there), lots of families. Demographics vary greatly from the Cook County side of Buffalo Grove to the Lake County side.
This suburb is very ideal for adults with children. the high school that feeder is Adlai E. Stevenson high school which is an exemplary school.
It's a nice small area. Very family friendly, lots of good parks and schools. Lots of pools close by. Very safe and friends neighborhood. People are not afraid to help others if need be.
Very nice and safe suburb (Buffalo Grove area).
Buffalo Grove is one of the best suburbs in Chicago area.
The police are always present and are very quick to respond if you have a problem.
The general atmosphere of this area is generally friendly, and I would definitely live here again. It's a very nice area for families and children, there are many parks for both dogs and kids. It's very dog friendly and a friendly area in general.
Pricy, but extremely nice houses for your buck.
I've mentioned people have a sense of entitlement, but that isn't omnipresent, you WILL find plenty of nice people, just try to avoid what has some people call us entitlement town.
If you want absolute safety from crime, this is your place, I believe the crime rate is below 10%, and that's probably overestimating.
Nice area, but people here seem to have an entitlement issue.
The police do there job well. No complaints!
This area is a lovely place to live.
Crime is not something we have to worry about. The city is very safe and well-protected.
The school districts and neighborhoods are excellent
Police are very willing to help and be present. They make a presence at events and promote kids interactions with them in a positive manner
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