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I've grown up here. It really is the city of good neighbors. Everyone is so friendly, and I've never wanted to leave.
Friendly place, slow moving traffic. Cheap apartments avalible. Many residents are students. Everythings avalible in a reasonable distance.
I moved to Buffalo about three years ago. I don't know if it's because I haven't been here that long or because I don't like living in a big city, but I could change a few things about the area. The people I have met seem to be so rude. I am used to people speaking to you when you walk by, but the people who live here seem like they have so many better things to do with their time. There are small restaurants in Buffalo, but there really isn't a lot of room to sit down and enjoy a meal. The cooks act like all they want to do is get the food out, and the managers don't really take the time to get to know you. It's all about the money here, and it's something that should be changed. One place I do like going to is Delaware Park. It's a peaceful place to go after a long day at work. The best time to go is at sunset so that you can see the light glistening off of the buildings in the distance. It's gorgeous when there's snow on the ground as well because there is a lot of open space.
Overall this is a great city for a younger person. There is a lot to do, but there are a lot of not so great places to Live. Elmwood Village is probably the best place to live if you are moving to the city. It is safe with good food and nightlife nearby.
Buffalo is becoming one of the best places for young professionals to relocate. The job market, housing market and foodie scenes are booming. If you can handle the winter's, it is really an all around great place to live.
The thing about my hometown Buffalo,N.Y. is that we get pretty cold,snowy winters. The thing I dislike is there are a lot of senseless killings.
Buffalo is on the rise and has a lot to offer. Buffalo continues to grow with activities to do and businesses.
Buffalo is a wonderful town to live in. It has a big city feel in a very small package. We have professional sports teams to cheer for, plus many diverse restaurants that have anything you are looking for. The real estate market is fairly priced and is a city ranked among the best for younger people to move to. Buffalo is a growing metropolis and the city itself is flourishing with life.
I love the close-knit community that Buffalo has. It is a great place to raise a family because of its affordability.
Buffalo is revamping it's city and increasing its value to the community. With the addition of many new attractions and redevelopment of canal side. It is a prime city for business to locate. As well as families.
Overall, Buffalo is the city of good neighbors. There is a lot of summer time entertainment including multiple festivals, outdoor music, and social gatherings. There are beautiful places to see just as the Japanese Gardens-attached to Delaware park area. Buffalonians also really get into their sports teams. There is always something to do in Buffalo
I'm a born and raised native of Buffalo N.Y. Go Bills yet I can see some improvement needed in funding for the kids. After school program, longer school sessions. A lot of the issues we're having is with the younger generation getting killed off. Keep Them Busy Keep Them Safe.
I love buffalo, it is the only place I know very well. My father was in the military and we moved around a lot, but Buffalo is the best place. Almost all my family lives here, so Buffalo is my home. Although, like any place I'd like to see the streets look a little nicer.
It's okay as a teenager. It's currently a boomtown so a lot of people are moving here while it's still cheap.
I currently attend school in Buffalo, NY at D'Youville College for nursing. Overall the experience here has been very overwhelming coming from a small town, but the adjustments come throughout the time you are here. I feel the best aspects of Buffalo are the theatre district, many sports teams that play here, as well as the many restaurants that serve very good food for very cheap. Overall, the atmosphere here in Buffalo NY is amazing and I am very glad to call this place my home.
Buffalo is a city that has undergone a great revival in recent years. The city recently built Canal Side, which is a family-friendly location for all kinds of activities, including ice-skating during the winter and kayaking during the summer. Also, many young people began moving to Buffalo, and there are great restaurants and bars catering to these people. We also have great food trucks that gather every Tuesday during the summer in Larkin Square in a very fun atmosphere.
The weather is great!And the people here is soooo nice to get along with. We can breathe clean and pure air when we go outside. I love snowing,so the snowy winter in Buffalo is fitting for me. And it is a city famous for medication and education,which will make citizens live healthier and larger.
Buffalo is a All-American hometown city. Great food, great people & great entertainment! Buffalo is a city that would be great to raise a small family due to its diversity & climate setting. I would recommend any & everyone to visit Buffalo,NY & Niagara Falls area.
The restaurants are great, very friendly town, but need to develope their downtown area and more nightlife.
Buffalo is a busy city with many things to see and do. Niagara Falls is near buffalo and a great place to take pictures, walk, site see, and just relax while hearing water falls and people laughing and having a great time, also the restaurants are awesone. Buffalo is growing year to year. In the city of buffalo they are building new apartments and houses for families and college students. Jobs are growing day to day. You cant leave buffalo with visiting the famous pizza restaurant "La Novas Pizzeria" its to die for.
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