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Buffalo is a culturally diverse community, which is undergoing an economic renaissance. Crime has been reduced over the past several years, and young families have moved back into the core city. The water front has undergone a transformation, and is now experiencing an economic boom, and is considered a recreational mecca. The Buffalo Sabres and The Buffalo Bison's, along with the Buffalo Naval Park are the anchors for attracting thousands of visitors to Buffalo's waterfront each year.
Buffalo has been rejuvenated, to say the least. A former manufacturing city that has a new look with diverse restaurants, small batch bakeries, distilleries and more.
I like that no matter what time of there year there is something to do. I like the different neighborhoods as well. There is a lot of diversity among people and food and festivities.
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Having lived in Buffalo my whole life, I'd never leave. I've seen it grow and develop into an amazing city, and it continues to grow. It has so many possibilities for ebery person at every tage of life. I love this city and I hope to become someone who can continue to help it expand.
Buffalo is a 20-minute city which means you can travel anywhere throughout the town is a short amount of time.
It is a very unique city. It is laid back to the point where even in the city center, you still feel like you are in the suburbs. The people are nice and the local cuisine is a lot of fun. It is generally inexpensive and there are many free/community things to do. I only with there was more cultural diversity amongst the cuisine.
I would like more money generated in the city. There are roads that need to be tended to and there is very little to do as far as getting a good paying job or having something fun to do.
Came to buffalo from NYC to go to school. Being a student in a new city is always hard but Buffalo has amazing and friendly people and such low cost of living.
The motivation and push to continue education. There are many opportunities available to those willing to work hard and reach their goals.
Buffalo, New York is truly the "City of Good Neighbors". I've lived in Buffalo for 27 years now, and have no intentions on moving. I attended and currently work for Buffalo Public Schools. It is a great place to start a business or raise a family. Buffalo is very diversity and over the past few years experience an increase in our refugee population. Buffalo is also going through a "Renaissance" period in which many developments are occurring throughout the city. The downtown area has blossomed and provides an abundance of activities for families to attend.
In Buffalo, NY you have all four seasons, I know we always get a bad rap for all the snow we have, but it's not always bad. We have a lot of good places to eat, there's always something to do and we are very close to The Falls. The only draw backs to Buffalo, NY is that it's hard to find a job here and the city is ranked very high as one of the poorest cities in our nation.
In general, a decent place however, not completely safe at times and not much diversity in the place.
I have lived in my neighborhood all my life. We are part of the historic Parkside neighborhood. A very diverse area in the heart of the city.
They have alot of fun cool things to do. I love the different festival's that they do throughout the year
I came to Buffalo in 2010 from California and thought that I would just stay for a few years, however is is now 2017 & I plan to finish my 4 year degree here. I fell in love with the culture, the kindness and the people. Buffalo is a city on the MOVE!!
Although Buffalo is going through a major redevelopment phase right now, it is a great city. The diversity in this city gives it this richness that you can not get in most places. The food, the events, and the family oriented activities all year round is enough to make you fall in love with this city.
Great food. People are ok. Traffic is not too bad. Jobs are starting to become more available. There are always plenty of activities, especially during the summer. Concert tours always stop in the area at the darien lake performing arts center. So overall, Buffalo is a great place to raise a family. Taxes are not too high either.
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Amazing communities, schools need some work, many activities for kids and adults great variety of food, restaurants and activities.
I lovey city I live in I just wish it was a lot more for the youth to do. But I do Enjoy my overall experience.
I like living in buffalo the only thing that I would like to be changed would be all of the abandoned locations. But we are starting to make a difference.
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