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Buenaventura Lakes is a nice hispanic community. There are many delicious, hispanic food restraunts. Also my churches, one of which you are bound to like. It may not be one of the most popular locations in Orlando but it has everything needed in a nice community. The houses are nice and the neighbors are kind!
the community rate is good because people have control of their pets and pick up after them.
In my opinion i believe its safe enough to roam as you please in peace, and being assured its a rare chance of having a crime safety issue around this area.
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Honestly i don't mind where i live. Simply because i feel safe enough to just walk around the area. When i do walk around its also clean not ragged at all around the area,never much litter to see at all. One more thing i think is a plus is that its very peaceful too, there's rarely any ruckus going around.
Police respond immediately and arrive promptly. There's not a lot of crime.
The area is tranquil with a robust economic growth.
I have not witness any crime so far.
It's close to where i grew up in, I don't spend much time at home.
This area is really quiet, new and friendly. Every day here is a beautiful day and I have not had any problems living here. Stores are pretty close so going out isn't a dread at all. The area is also very clean. I love it!
I think the HOA needs to be stricter with the renters
i probably would not choose this area again. i do not like that people can park on the street
The crime rating is very low but do have a lot of young kids who break the rules
I like my area. The people are kind to you and are always willing to help. I would live here again and for the future of the area i have no idea
I am not afraid to go out at night if I have to, but there is always a degree of caution to it. We hear of a few crimes in the neighboring cities, so I'm just wary in case they creep up on us.
It's a good area to live because there are many people from the same culture around. It could be better in safety and outdoor opportunities.
The neighborhood feels safe. There is always a police car standing by. There is also a police that lives in the neighborhood.
It feels like a safe neighborhood. The people are friendly and they look out for their neighbors.
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Could be better if people painted their houses.
Could be better if people spoke English and weren't so rude
Thieves everywhere. Lock your stuff up.
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