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Buena Vista is a fun little town that houses Southern Virginia University. It's quirky and unique. Because it is so small, there is not much in the way of big name stores. On the surface, there may seem to not be much to do there, but there are parks, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the main street shops. There's also a lot of hikes and nearby towns with a lot of Civil War history.
Very slow, not much to do outside of hiking and other nature oriented activities, considering there are three local colleges. High rent prices for houses not worth the price. High private property taxes due to poor choices made by local government concerning money management.
The town is quiet and friendly. It's surrounded by mountains so views abound and there is a great opportunity for hiking/outdoor activities. The river that goes through town is popular for swimming, tubing, and canoeing/kayaking. No nightlife to speak of for the younger crowd.
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Buena Vista is an old city led by folks who want to go back in time to the glory days. In all honesty, it is a modern-day Radiator Springs, passed up because of Interstate 81.
Despite the aged population, the up-and-coming Southern Virginia University is a bright light to the town, bringing in a thousand students a year, many of whom are purchasing homes and starting families in the area.
City communication and events need to improve, but no other place can beat the view of the Blue Ridge Mtns.
Buena Vista is a small town in Virginia. It is located within the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a town that has some events like Mountain Days, where people gather from different businesses to promote their products. Another event that is very popular would be Fiddlers Convention at Glenn Maury Park. People travel from all over just to come to this convention, and during this event week the whole park is filled with campers and RVs from travelers. Buena Vista has some factories like Everbrite, ADS, Munters, and Modine. However, Buena Vista lacks the amount of small businesses that would help it thrive. Also, for the small businesses that Buena Vista does have do not get much support from outside sources.
This experience has been life changing. I previously went to school in an area that was considered a "constant party environment." This place is the complete opposite and exactly what I needed. The area is quiet and very peaceful. The LDS school environment is accepting of all faith and does not force you to do anything outside of follow the Honor Code. Since there is not much to do in Buena Vista itself, it is very easy to focus and get what you need to get done. I like how the sports teams and city support each other. It is very affordable to live in Buena Vista as well. If there was anything that I could change, it would be to bring a couple more big name companies here such as Chase Bank. Since it is a small town, a lot of the normal places that you would see in a big city are not in Buena Vista.
There really aren't any jobs in town aside from manufacturing.
The schools are really bad as far as taking care of the issues (bullying, teacher pay - we lose a lot of good teachers due to pay) but they are huge on sports, especially football. That is something the town has going for it, there is huge turn out even at away games for the football team, I just wish all the sports were praised as much.
Real estate is bad due to such high taxes in town and the water bills are horrendous. It's bad when your water bill is higher than your electric bill each month. There are tons of houses for sale in town if you are okay with paying the high taxes & water bills. But don't dare try to sell a home in town, it will sit forever unless you take a loss on it.
There is nothing for kids/teens to do in town or even outside of town really.
Burns Vista has been a great town to live in. It's pretty quiet here and the crime rate isn't that high at all. The only thing that I wish was different here was the number of jobs, there's not too many jobs around here unless they are factory businesses.
I live here and it used to be a great place to grow up and have your kids grow up as well but it has gotten to the point that everyone wants to leave. This place is beautiful but the people need to stop being nosy. They need to put the school back to the way they used to be.
I would like to see more small businesses. There is a lot of empty buildings in the city. I am not aware of many organized events aside from what happens at Southern Virginia University.
The city has lost a lot of jobs in the past 20 years. The taxes are the highest around. Poor city planning has lead to many people moving away. There are a lot of home for sale.
Not much crime if any
I am currently studying here and the campus is wonderful and the community is very supportive of the school. It is not a big city at all but it is cozey and a fun place especially for participating in outdoor activities.
this is a wonderful place to live and raise a family
Rarely do we have any worrisome cases
Its a quiet town that needs more business and restaurants
Many of the single family residences are older, and have a lot of character. Not all of them have been properly maintained though. The ones that have been are very attractive. The lot sizes are large. It is a very quaint town.
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The overall feeling in the community is one of safety and being at ease.
Local businesses are very friendly and interested in maintaining a good relationship with their customers
This is a small community and most people end up moving after college to find employment. There is some growth in some areas, but it is slow.
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