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Buena Park has come so far with countless of new restaurants, malls, and entertainment. The city lights look so beautiful, the streets are always clean and it's convenient to go everywhere
I think that the area of Buena Park is becoming better and the city is up and coming. I think that there can be more diversity as well as shops tailored to the community as a whole, and not just one subject of the community.
I grew up in Buena Park. It's not too far a drive from LA or the I.E. there's a lot of things to do in Buena Park i.e. knotts berry farm, and Medevil times. The schools are not the best.
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I have lived in and around Buena Park for most of my life. The city is fantastic. Home to Knott's Berry Farm and many more great places to visit.
I like that I have a nice house and it is safe. It is also a good community and during the holidays a lot of people celebrate. For example 4th of July.
Buena Park is nice little suburb that is rather diverse. Our piece of the stretch that is Beach Boulevard has really shown signs life lately with so many sites under construction (The Source, Rock N' Brews, Pirates, and more....). Knott's Berry Farm is great to go to and having an annual pass is ideal when it is so close. Soak City is pretty fun to go to during the summers as well. It's not nearly as big as one would hope, but being local certainly brings appreciation from the residents.

Overall, the town is a comfortable place to live in and is pretty safe. Amusement options aren't excessive, but we do have some options.
I've spent a lot of time in buena park, it's needed more on entertainment for a long time but hopefully the mall their building will bring some nightlife to it.
Buena Park is such an amazing city. I admire all the improvements, major and minor, that have been conducted over the years.
I love living in a tourist city! Although noise and parking can sometimes be a problem due to the many nearby tourist locations, it makes for excellent night life and plenty to do!
Buena Park offers a variety of places for individuals who are looking to either eat and fill their bellies or entertainment to meet their creative needs. Located close to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, it is a great city to raise a family while giving them memories to remember for the rest of their lives.
Buena Park is growing rapidly. It was a small quiet city but now has new locations opening up to attract more people. The Source, a new mall, that wants to be the place where night life happens.
Buena Park is a nice city to live in for a relatively peaceful life. It is somewhat expensive to live in, but living here is a great choice as it is near many tourist attractions and amusement parks. Just a short drive away, you can visit Knott's Berry Farm, Medieval Times, Pirate's Dinner Adventures, and so many other popular restaurants. If you want more of a nightlife experience, Downtown Fullerton, filled with bars and pubs, is merely a 10 minute or less drive. If you want a more family-friendly fun, then a 20 minute drive will take you straight to Disneyland or Downtown Disney! Buena Park is at the heart of entertainment and an exciting life that keeps you wanting more and more. I recommend living here.
I grew up in Buena Park. It's my home and it's been nothing but good to me. Every time I pass through the city I get a sense of nostalgia, like going down Beach Blvd, and seeing Knotts Berry Farm. I love this city.
Lived here for 20+ years and have been an employee for the City for 7 years. I enjoyed working for the community
I enjoyed my time living in Buena Park! The people were fantastic and I really got to know the area well. There are many shopping malls and it is relatively easy to find whatever you need close by, however there are some areas that are very dirty! There are a lot of homeless people around the area that leave a lot of trash and stand in need of help, though I never felt like I was in any danger around them.
I like how close Buena Park is to other cities in the area and that it is growing and changing. Downtown Buena Park has many new features and a great mall. There is also of course the perks to having Knott's Berry Farm in our own backyard and being close to Disneyland as well. I would like to see some growth in the public schools, there have been structural improvements which is great, however they are still behind others in the state and area for education.
There is a lot I like about Buena Park. I have lived here my whole life, about 18 years. There is a lot of good and there is so bad, but I feel that is in very neighborhood, no matter where you go. There is so much diversity. Being in Southern California, we have such a variety of races, ethnicities, and different types of people. One thing with this though is that it can get a little over crowded. But, we do have a lot to offer here. Theme parks, great food, lots of stores, and many opportunities. Not just for jobs, but for your life. With the pros and cons, I love Buena Park.
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I have been living in Buena Park for 8 years now. Buena Park is great in terms of being close to main freeways, such as 91 and 5 and the city is growing so that there are a lot of new stores are opening in this area. This is great for people to have more jobs in the city.
My 7 years of living Buena Park prove this city is very safe, and well organized to live. All public services are clean and always give any help to one who find help. There is senior center, and also the Girls and Boys Scout. It means all ages of citizens live peacefully without any unfair treatment. Also Buena Park has great academic level of public schools.
Buena Park, California, home to Knott's Berry Farm is a very active community. With two local amusement parks and some of the best restaurants in the entire state of California, Buena Park locals are always entertained. Cost of living, however is hefty, as the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is around 1200$/mo.
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