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My 7 years of living Buena Park prove this city is very safe, and well organized to live. All public services are clean and always give any help to one who find help. There is senior center, and also the Girls and Boys Scout. It means all ages of citizens live peacefully without any unfair treatment. Also Buena Park has great academic level of public schools.
Buena Park, California, home to Knott's Berry Farm is a very active community. With two local amusement parks and some of the best restaurants in the entire state of California, Buena Park locals are always entertained. Cost of living, however is hefty, as the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is around 1200$/mo.
I love the city of buena Park. The night life on the strip on Beach Blvd. is expanding greatly. The local family owned businesses are quaint and cozy as well.
Buena Park is between the heart of Orange County and the heart of Los Angeles. With that said, the city has several main freeways intersecting through. It has its own mall, movie theater and close to various attractions such as Disneyland, Knotts Berry farm, and the Citadel outlets!
Buena park is a great place to live if you want to be close to everything. you are pretty much in the middle of SoCal. When it comes to public schools we could do a bit better. The night life here is getting a bit better now that there are some new projects under way ( downtown buena park area).
I have lived in this city most of my life and I love it. The convenience of have major stores near me has made life so much easier.
I moved from Los Angeles area to Buena Park. A city of Buena Park is very quiet yet freeways are close by and there are lot of markets and restaurants to enjoy. A local road is very clean and so far there was no issues with neighborhood.
Buena Park is a pretty decent area. There are many places to eat at, along with places to hang out at; there is no major problem with safety and everything is average to high quality in the city.
I like the upcoming new businesses and changes to the city. It's great that Buena Park is getting more known. I do wish that it felt safer
Buena Park is a seemingly dying town, over the years I have witnessed it's economy falter during the recession-- and it never bounced back. Gangs are increasingly prevalent and the ones who are supposed to defend our rights take advantage of them more often than not. The family life is difficult to establish if you aren't "well off", and more often than not there is a distinct societal gap within the economic aspect.
The general atmosphere is like any other middle class neighborhood, but tends to be a bit more noisy and due to the constant hustle and bustle. The neighbors include a variety of different families, but one of the ones we have are constantly doing drugs so it's hard to simply go outside and get a breath of fresh air without smelling something funky. Oyer than that, I think the area is going in a better direction than it has in the past few years.
It is near 2 major freeways, but the area is unsafe
The area is okay. Some crime happens now and then but the area is nice to live in.
Nothing bad really happens, and people work together to ensure that it stays that way.
I'd live here again. I like this town very much and it's pretty friendly. Bad things rarely happen and it's a safe place.
Not much crime happens within this neighborhood, but if there was police and the fire department will respond in less than 10 minutes.
In my neighborhood, I believe that the quality of life is higher than most places in the country. I live in a very welcoming environment and it is safe enough to let children play in the streets and roam around the block without having any potential threats come by. I would recommend a friend or family to live here as it is family friendly, quiet, and nearby stores and theme park attractions such as Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. In the future, I see many new families moving here with their children and seeing them play kickball in the streets and biking around the block, much like me when I was growing up.
From what I have seen, I hear fire engines and paramedics frequently but there doesn't seem to be much crime happening. The area in Buena Park is generally safe as there are a lot of neighbors that can easily report something if there is any suspicious activity happening.
The city of Buena Park is generally very friendly. There are a lot of schools around so the residents of the areas are pretty friendly and it's easy to navigate around. There is Knott's Berry Farm (which is an amusement park), water parks, and some museums that keep the city busy. There are a lot of Asian marts and restaurants around as well so many people have sit-down places to hang out or socialize.
The crime in Buena Park has never been a major concern for me. I feel as though I can walk around without having to constantly watch my back. Although in more recent times there have been shootings in the area. There was even a concern about a meth lab which led to other conflicts. Although there is somewhat of gang activity in and around the area.
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