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Budd Lake Reviews

25 reviews
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I would like to see the the roads get fixed, because some of them need repair due to the previous snowstorms we've had.
There is little to no crime over here. So the police do there jobs well and help out where they can
I would like more streets to walk but overall the neighborhood is great and quite i would not choose to live here again though because of the lack of transportation and night life
I would like to move out I live now but still in the same town, my neighbor is very nice its hard to find neighbors like that.
There is always traffic no mater what time of the day and the potholes are horrible.
There are some work out facility where I live.
i live in an apartment complex which is not a private at all. I feel that the housing is two high to buy a house.
We go camping a lot love the outdoors
I do medical billing I think I should be making more
I can get what I need when needed.
There is little crime, therefore making the area seem very safe
There aren't too many stores to shop for clothes but the restaurants are really good and everyone has great service. There are about an equal amount of mom-and-pop shops as big companies. I get almost everything I need without leaving town.
Overall the general public services here are okay.
When snow storms come it gets really bad around here.
Its pretty safe around here I just wish this town had more street lights.
The job industry here is not bad but not great either.
The events are not bad but not frequent.
The general area around here is pretty decent.
The stores here are okay. I just wish that there were a more variety of stores here.
The transportation here is okay. I will say if you want to go certain places you will need a car. Most places here do not have public transportation.
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