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Very close to everything. A nice drive I to south Austin from ether I-35 or the back roads like 1626; quiet and a wonderful place to start without the worry of being inside Austin; it's really all the niceties of South Austin but in a quaint little town just 10 min south of it.
Buda has a cute Main Street that is fun to walk on weekend mornings because of the farmers market and laid-back atmosphere.
Buda is a quiet and growing town. Minutes away from austin and san marcos. All of the necessities to mainatian a friendy and nice environment are offered here. Shops are all local and neighbors are all welcoming. Not too small and not too big.
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It is a small town outside of Austin, Texas. It has grown more in the last ten years and is steadily growing. The commute to downtown Austin is about a 30-45 minute drive. I personally went to school in that area. School system is very well put together. Public schools are very modernized and relatively new. I feel very safe during the day but at night I have come across several different incidents. I believe because everyone tends to be home pretty early and so the new people see it as an opportunity to get away with crime. Traffic is never bad and it is easy to get around. Buda does have several public parks in a close range that are very family friendly. I have been to several events that were held at the parks. The town is overall very friendly.
I have lived in Buda for 10 years now and I haven't even thought of moving because of how safe and great this town is. My family used to move constantly but when we came top Buda, we knew that we were going to settle down here.
you dont really hear much about crimes other than high school kids doing stupid stuff occasionally
I don't regret moving here, this area has brought many more opportunities to me than if i had stayed in Pflugerville or California. The area is nice and very homey and i've met wonderful people here.
The area I currently live in is very family friendly. Most people living here have children that are still in school. We are a little bit in the middle of no where, if you want to go to a store it's about a 20 min drive. There are 2 good schools near by and the local YMCA is 5 mins away. Working at the Y i have gotten to experience its great people and facilities. Previously I lived in Austin and there was a lot more around to do in this busy city. Here in Buda, things are a lot more quite and calm. I see this area building up a little more in the future, but not changing its peaceful atmosphere.
this area is growing quickly and has been since we moved here in 2008. It's great being so close to Austin without living in the actual city.
I do not work in the area, but do work for a company which employs many local residents both young and elderly. (HEB)
There is a Cabelas near my home which provides outdoor recreation and a number of fun activities, but there is a general lack of retail in Buda
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