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I love living in a small town. It's a great place to raise my children. We can walk the streets and not live in fear.
Bucyrus has helped our residents grow in our community with all the community involvement. Bucyrus has had many different festivals and community actions to help Bucyrus flourish.
I have lived in Bucyrus most of my life, I have moved a couple of times, but I always come back. It is more like small town living and I like that more than the big cities.
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Not quite sure, still living at home with parents due to the fact that I am a student. So not exactly looking at houses
Sports really bring the community together
The police department has improved in the past year.
I think it's a great small town to live in and to raise a family in, it makes you enjoy country living
We have a very high rate of unemployment because many people do not want to work. They get government handouts that are easier to come by than to work 40 hours a week.
Employment is average at best. Small businesses find it hard to stay open.
Bucyrus has many fast food restaurants. These take away from the few local restaurants. But, the city has a good mix of ethnic options including traditional German, Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican.
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