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Great place to be. Schools are extremely good. Housing is not over-built to flood the market and cause price of old homes to fall.
Great area to live in. Great school district. Quaint town
Overall, this is a safe area with a low crime rate.
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This area is safe and has a good quality education system. However, if I could do it all over, I would not choose to live here. There's a lack of diversity and therefore a lot of close-mindedness.
I think crime is low and safety is pretty good. However I know there is a drug problem in the area. You do not hear though of violent crimes or things of that sort in the area.
The town of Doylestown is very lovely and always nice to go find somewhere to eat or shop. It's a cute town with friendly people. The town is safe and good for education. It is a great place to raise a family as it is safe but can be fun to grow up in.
mostly good but in town need to watch out after midnight
I love living here, there's plenty to do and I've made great friends over the years.
This is a wonderful community. There is something for everyone, museums, parks, dog parks, shops, dining. The area is very scenic and beautiful. The people are very nice and welcoming, although, there is little diversity.
I fell very safe living in Doylestown. I feel that the police are very proactive.
Crime is very low here and safety is not an issue
I would without a doubt live there again. I love it
Alot of different gyms and fitness centers around the area. If you want to be healthy, the tools are accessible to you
Housing properties are kept nice, clean and manicured.
I feel very safe in the area, no signs of suspicious activity.
The winter months are the hardest around my area. The constant salting/pre-conditioning of roads makes large potholes that you need to dodge and dip around.
Great restaurant options in Doylestown and they are all walking distance from one another. Keeps you safe because you will not have to drive to the next bar/restaurant if you want a change of scenery.
Review Buckingham Township
Depending on what your career path is will depend on if there are jobs available. For me, as a biomedical engineer, there arent many job options around where I live.
There are many large corporation business around where I live along with locally owned shops. It is nice to find new and exciting shops where you can buy things that are different and out of the blue while knowing you can go to the large businesses in case the smaller shops dont have what you want.
Peace Valley Park is a great example of the beautiful scenery that characterizes this area.
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