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It's a very small town, I love the small town atmosphere. A lot of farming around here, and we have quite a few dining choices and a couple grocery stores close by for a small town. The little restaurants on the 85 in old town are definitely worth a try.
I barely moved into buckeye august of 2016. It has been a year in buckeye and i enjoy the calm environment. I came here from Las Vegas which is a bigger city then buckeye. Buckeye has showed me how calm a place can be and soothing. I live in old town buckeye so this place is really quiet and not much people around.It is a very safe environment with police in every corner. It family friendly with parks in every community. What i believe that can be changed is the places that are in buckeye. There is not much to do in buckeye and the closest places to go is the next town over.
I love buckeyes real estate. Affordable homes and awsome commut time, barely any traffic. I would change the locations of the milk factories, because there are times it smells like cow all day, but at the end of the day you get used to the smell.
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I love living in Buckeye, AZ. The neighborhood I live in is called West Park. It is a beautifully landscaped neighborhood with a diverse selection of people. All ages, races and people of different occupations live in my neighborhood. They are friendly and helpful.
Great place to raise a family. Safe, quiet, and peaceful. Has a great charter school my children attend and everyone is friendly.
I would like to see more events go on around here and more places for people to have fun. It seems boring around here in Buckeye and I would love for that to change. People need to get out of their houses and have fun for once!
I think that Buckeye, AZ is a nice town that provides a nice living space for families. It has multiple schools around and contains large neighborhoods that are safe for families. There are fast food restaurants and gas stations.
I like that it looked very clean in the town of Buckeye. However, they have very limited shopping. I noticed that there where plenty of places to eat. Other than fast food there want not much entertainment. The local walmart would was pretty much where you can find house hold or clothes items. A Khole or Ross would be nice to see. I think a movie theater would be a great family attraction. The freeway is two lanes making traffic pretty bad. The town is very distant as well. I think there is a tune of potential. I did also notice there was not a hospital. They could also use a gym as well.
I like that my area is quiet and it is not too loud. My area is also not crowded with a lot of people.
I currently live in a community within Buckeye, Verrado, and have enjoyed every minute of my time since moving here from southern California. It is a great place to live for the outdoor enthusiast with its seemingly endless trails in the White Tank Mountains and wildlife that can be seen with little effort in finding it.
Nicer people. Not rude all the time. Cleaner roads. And cheaper water. We moved 13 miles from Goodyear and now pay almost $50 more month in water.
I live in a rural neighborhood south east of Buckeye called Rainbow Valley. Been here for about 12 years. I live on a 3 acre lot. They're aren't many residents on my road which is now. It's very peaceful out here away from the city.
Buckeye was a small town outside of Phoenix. Now it is growing with houses, businesses, schools and people. I think it has grown so much now it is a city. It peaceful and quiet city full of awesome people. You see them hanging out outside their houses, jogging, kids playing in the park. When you go shopping there hasn't been anyone that I have encountered that isn't friendly. They have rodeos, parades and different events your family can enjoy together. Yes, I love the city of Buckeye. You should come and visit.
I love Buckeye!!! Born and raised here. Nice rural area with easy access to Phoenix night life and shopping via I-10 Freeway. But you can go a bit further west and have rural farm land and desert access.
Nice area to raise a family. I don't have any issues with buckeye. The only issue I think I could possibly have is that the grocery market is a far drive away.
The people are mostly nice (for Arizona), though no one really goes out of their way for anyone else. The police are active and courteous (if you're a speeder, you might want to live somewhere else though). The school system is literally tragic. My 4th grader has had two teachers this year, and my 5th grader three. The school has gone through multiple principles and counselors this year as well, and the district administration is useless. Bullying is rampant, and the schools have a policy of 'don't end the problem, just teach tolerance'. If it weren't for the poor education system, this would be a decent place to live.
Buckeye is a laid back, yet interesting area to reside or even just visit. The coolest place to visit, in my opinion is Skyline Park just a few miles away from the Buckeye Walmart. Gorgeous views of the whole city! One of least likeable aspects of Buckeye is perhaps the amount of break ins. That includes vehicles, homes, purses, etc. However, Buckeye is still a wonderful place to live.
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Buckeye is a diverse community with state of the art public services. Schools (K-12) have improved greatly in the past few years. Easy access to other valley communities along the I-10 corridor.
I like that it has a lot of desert land, and that is had older and new parts to the city. I would like to see more stores/shopping centers built; a mall would be great!
There isn't much to not like about Buckeye if you understand that it is a SUB-urban/rural community. It's beautiful, quiet, and safe. There are neat little places to explore and the city seems ready to explode into new development (increased land value people!). The few drawbacks that I really take issue with this beautiful, quiet city is that the tax rate is ridiculous and the water prices are nuts. It's not enough to drive me away though! There is also the fact that due to it being a small town, at present there are not enough job opportunities in town for younger people (like my children).
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