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I've lived in Buckeye for the past fifteen years and I couldn't be happier. Seeing this small town grow into a small city in just of a matter on ten years is insane to me. This city has so much history at every corner. There are people in this community who have had family living in Buckeye for over 100 years. There are even teachers at Buckeye Union High School who attend that school when they were in their teens. Overall, Buckeye is a safe place to raise a family due to low crime rates, and gives people a small-town vibe without being too far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We live on the outskirts of the main city of Buckeye, AZ on the border of Goodyear, AZ. We like the fact that it is away from the city and quiet. You can also see all of the stars at night which my family enjoys. Shopping and entertainment are only 20 minutes away. Great city!
It's a calm city with great housing prices but a little far from the city where most good paying jobs are. It would be nice to have better jobs so it wont primarily be minimum wage jobs and it would also reduce the commute time.
Buckeye, Arizona is a quaint living environment with diversity. While it is encompassed with country living full of farmland, dairies and yes even rodeo shows, it is also a thriving place for entrepreneurship and employment. Our demographics are from seniors to families raising children to college students. Other benefits I cherish about living in Buckeye, it is a thirty-minutes from Phoenix Valley. And Phoenix offer a variety of sport activities from college to the pros which my family and I enjoy. In addition, four hours from Los Angeles, California and six hours from San Diego for the enjoyment of a beach get-away. And three to four hours from Flagstaff, Sedona, Grand Canyon marvelous for skiing, bob-sledding or simply a cozy get-away or some quite time. However, the one thing I would like to see is diversity in our government leadership, which presently it lacks.
I have lived in Buckeye since I was a young girl. Growing up in Buckeye I made many childhood memories. Buckeye is a small town that is growing into a big city. This town is a great place to raise a family if you enjoy the outdoors and farming community.
I absolutely adore Buckeye, due to it being country living but you can also live in town and have the city life. There is also multiple fun attractions there as well. i would recommend it to anyone.
Buckeye is a great place for rural living. It still has a lot of farmland. It has easy access to Surprise or Phoenix by way of the I-10 and 303. It is minutes away from Litchfield Park, Avondale, and Surprise. You can live in the country and be 5 minutes from city living.
This is a Phoenix suburb and the most quiet town in the west side of the valley. I've lived here for 10 years and so far i love it. It is also confirmed that in the year of 2025, Buckeye will be the west side's top growing city.
Buckeye is really starting to grow here on the west side of Phoenix, AZ but it still maintains its small town feel. Buckeye is also a great place to raise a family.
I have lived in Buckeye for over 30 years. It has grown tremendously during that time frame, and is currently in the process of having many new business move into the area with the chance of providing more jobs. It has received the designation a PlayFul City 5.0, which demonstrates that it has many activities and park to enhance and encourage children play.
Buckeye is a great community that is considered a city but still has a town feeling when driving through. It is overall inexpensive to live in Buckeye but they have a great community or people, schools, restaurants, and everyday living needs. Buckeye is currently my home and I enjoy every minute of it.
I currently live in Buckeye, Arizona and so far my experience living in this city is going great. I live in a quiet neighborhood and my neighbors are kind and helpful. It has great schools in the surrounding area as well. All of the major necessities are close by like shopping, groceries, and basic needs are within close driving distance. It has everything I need with the peaceful quietness behind my backyard.
I moved to Arizona 2 years ago and I have live in Buckeye for 1 year and it has been a great experience living in this location, due to the town being very old fashioned in some ways and people around here are extremely nice and friendly, which sometimes is missed in larger cities, where I have lived prior. I would recommend more group transportation availability, to get to places, but otherwise it is a very good area, especially the cost of living.
I would recommend everyone to move to Buckeye, AZ.
Buckeye started off as a small farming town and blossomed into a small growing city. We are groeing at a steady pace and booming with life.
Buckeye is a very small city in Western Arizona. The atmosphere of he city is amazing and always has great weather no matter the season. I wouldnt want to live any where else.
I've recently moved to Buckeye, AZ, and I've been very satisfied with it so far. I love how the town is in a beautiful location, with views of the White Tank Mountains and of nearby Phoenix. I also love how safe I feel here, even though it's new and unfamiliar. However, I don't feel like there is much to do here, besides going to the pool.
Nice and quiet town. Not much entertainment but very laid back. If you like relaxation this is the town to live in.
Buckeye is an up and coming city. It is an old town that is turning into the new place to live. There is a new neighborhood, Verrado, that everyone wants to live at. The schools are wonderful especially Scott Libby Elementary. The only issue is if you are looking for night life or something to get your adrenaline running, there isn't much around. The community is great and does a lot of family fun events but if you are young and looking for the single life it isn't the place to move.
There is a lot of great hiking and the weather is gorgeous. Its hard not to get outside and enjoy it all.
I have only just started to live here recently, but so far I would say that living here is okay, but not the best. It is far from all of the good paying jobs, as well as all of the schools. Also, most stores and places of interest are not within walking distance, and just driving to the grocery store can take 10-15 minutes one way.
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