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Police are very visible in the community, but it is like everywhere else, you have people who make it worse than it should be for everyone.
My father was in the Air Force and I have lived all over the world. This one of the best places to raise a family.
Don't count on the people in the neighborhood to say hello or even smile when you pass them. It isn't that people aren't friendly, they just aren't very open. For example, and the annual neighborhood picnic, people keep to themselves and only share their food with people they know.
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Police are always patrolling, and you can see them alongside the roads watching for speeding drivers. When called, they respond eventually. Most people in the neighborhood have alarm systems after a rash of break-ins about a year ago.
Parks around here are average. There is one large park right inside the neighborhood, and one just up the road in Oaklandon, but otherwise there isn't much.
The weather is a bit unpredictable, but overall it is very average.
There are all sorts of fast-food chains, and there are also some great mom-and-pop restaurants around. Convenience stores on every corner make it easy to get food and drink pretty late at night. There are two relatively close 24 hour grocery stores as well.
The job field in the area is very generic. There are restaurants where one could be a waiter, and there are an assortment of shops where you could work many different positions.
All of the businesses around the house are useful. There is a good mix of big chain companies and restaurants and mom-and-pop style shops. Everything you might need is within a 10 mile radius of the neighborhood and easy to get to from the main roads.
Well, the are includes many country roads that pertain to individualistic houses varying in a plethora of details. The abundance of housing editions however, do consists of replicated clone houses, while nicely kept, hardly vary.
Living on a country-like road, there's not much "togetherness," but that is also an extremely difficult thing to achieve in some ways. Most people seem to remain there, or have for the five years I have been there. Its a suburban area more for families into the second or final stage of home buying. McCordsville itself doesn't have many community activities, but the school district does offer a great deal of opportunities.
Midwest Indiana weather- as bipolar as it gets.
Honestly, this area is full of convenience and suburban stores. Clubs and bars are far and few. The occasional pub or restaurant offers alcohol; however, that seems to be about it, unless you want to travel downtown or somewhere towards Broad Ripple.
The younger crowd, being teens and young adults work at the retail companies and fast food restaurants. It appears that those with careers, on the other hand, travel to more central or extensive areas with more than convenience based stores.
Well, a lot of chain stores surround the area including retail stores such as Kohl's and Walmart. Alongside this, most places seem to be big business like Taco Bell and a Starbucks, stores like these surround most corners and intersections. Few mom-and-pop stores are still in the area like a few scattered hardware stores and maybe a few family owned restaraunts, but for the most part it is just a part of the modernized army of chain stores and major corporations.
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