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Most of my best friends are from this town so I really can't complain about the people here. I've always loved living in Fairfield but it is definitely nice to get away every once in awhile. Compared to many of the nearby town its definitely the best place to live.
There is some variety in town due to all of the families that are apart of the Maharishi community. They started their own organic, specialty store that has a lot of interesting foods in it, and there are several excellent restaurants to choose from. I personally really enjoy the Pad Thai from the Noodle House.
I really like the diversity in my town caused by the farming community and the people that live in the Maharishi/Vadic City community. Everyone is very friendly overall, and as long as you're open minded then you can fit right in.
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Most of the housing is pretty decent, lower to middle class income homes. Certain areas of our town are much nicer than others but there overall aren't that many abandoned properties. Cost of living is relatively low since property taxes aren't so bad.
I would never choose to work in this town. Most of the available jobs involve serving in the restaurant business or supermarket chains which I am definitely not interested in being apart of. However, there are some factories nearby that have decent wages so if you are lucky enough to get hired there without a college degree then it isn't so bad. I prefer working in Iowa City.
Its a nice town to visit, but depending on your background the town may or may not welcome you with open arms. It is a small rural town in Iowa, so it is filled with Conservatives who aren't very fond of immigrants but all the younger folk are far more open minded and so are the Maharishi people.
There are many highways that go right through Fairfield so in a way its quite easy to get around but the closest airport with international flights is in Cedar rapids which is about an hour and a half away. Parking is readily available all over town, and we have plenty of walking trails that people can use. Some parts of town do not have side walks but those aren't areas you would necessarily be walking in anyway. There is definitely no congestion since it is a small town.
Most of the kids I went to high school with were actually in pretty good shape due to high school sports but Fairfield does still have an obesity problem and most people do little to no exercise at all.
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