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There is little to no crime in this area. The police are very responsive and are made known in the area.
This area is an urban area with lots of new houses and businesses appearing. It has a small town feel with similar aspects of the city.
Most of the people here where born and raised here long lines of family everyone knows everyone around here if there is someone new you know about it. Everyone is very welcoming and seems like they want everyone involve.
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I haven't seen any thing bad happen around me its more in the towns around Kaukauna.
I'm from green bay and when I moved here I hatted it but now that I've lived here for so long I've grown to love it. I wouldn't chose another place to live. I love the small town and all the people I've met are very warmhearted. The only thing is there aren't many good jobs for high school students that wanna move on in a great career. They don't have much where we can get experience, Other than fast food places.
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