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Small town great place to live. Very community friendly. Several churches in the area with all denominations that seem to get along.
The housing around the area seems to either be fixer uppers or brand new houses, and availability is pretty open most of the year which brings new people into the community.
The community is involved during major holidays, but if the churches implemented a community outreach program like a mentoring program, the community would probably truly prosper from something like that.
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While police are available in the area, drugs seem to be a major issue within the high school, community and possibly the middle school. No one is really addressing this issue, and it seems that no one truly cares about drugs hidden behind doors in the community.
This area is beautiful, and the neighborhood I live in is barely inside the small-town limits. Buchanan is safe for the most part, but I would love to see more community involvement throughout the year (as opposed to only a few times in the summer). A mentor program for some of the kids and high schoolers in the community through one of the churches would also be a really great opportunity to bridge the gap between the older generation in the area and the young population.
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