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My experience living in Bryan's Road Maryland have been pleasant. The schools in the neighborhood are well diverse and children are learning on a regular basis. The grounds are well manicured and the environment is safe. The communicate can be a challenge at times but if you change your work hours to an earlier time you can benefit from the commute. There are several community fairs and activities at libraries for the residents to participate in which include several free options for the entire family. I really enjoy living in this small town with several well know retailers near by. I would recommend this city if you are in search of a clean and family friendly city to make your permanent residence.
Pretty quiet. Right outside a military base but considered a auburn of Wash D.C. Near rivers and parks. Schools not great
I enjoy how quiet and peaceful Bryans Road, MD is. However, I would like more activities, and restaurants to be in the area: The nearest movie theater and bowling alley are 25 minutes away. Also, I wish there was a metro in Charles County: The nearest metro station is 30 minutes out. You are forced to have a car to survive in Bryans Road.
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I've been living in Bryans Road for a few months now and it's a cute town. There isn't much to do, so if you're searching for fun and activity, you'll have to head east to Waldorf or North to D.C. There are a lot of housing communities here in Bryans Road and the people are nice.
There is minimal crime in the neighborhood, the safety has gotten better over the years and it continues to be a quiet neighborhood.
My experience here has and continues to be enjoyable. I have made many friends in the neighborhood and it can be very peaceful.
I would say that this area may be considered the worst when compared to its neighboring locations. While some may see it as that, I beg to differ. Homes are well maintained and the housing is spot on. When it comes to homes, it depends on the homeowner and how they want it to reflect upon the community. Areas are simply a reflection of ones lifestyle and responsibility.
From what one may gather, it can be known that many of the people in the community happen to have lived here for over 10 years. One of my neighbors has lived here since the early 70's. The surrounding schools have many events that go on to let the community come together and join in activities.
What most do not realize when passing by Bryans Road, is that there is a police station in the shopping center. This allows for comfort and safety due to the fact that there are nearby and ready officers.
Bryans Road can be seen as a quiet and humble place.
There isn't much atmosphere around this area to enjoy. To actually enjoy anything you have to drive at least 20 minutes away.
I haven't heard of too many instances of crime lately.
Local business dies here. Going to a town 20 minutes away and you can find pretty much anything you want.
Most of the people who live in Bryans Road don't work here, they work in Washington D.C. or other places. This area is mostly residential, very few businesses or other ways to bring in money.
As with any town versus city review, the eating places in Bryans Road/Southern Maryland are limited. There are an abundance of Mom and Pop shops set up as well as several fast food chains including Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, KFC and others. Some examples of a bit higher class dining would include Panera Bread, a local Greek restaurant and Golden Corral.
People tend to live here for their whole lives, and you can often find families who have roots here going back several generations. The community is very pet and family friendly, many young children can be seen playing and there are multiple schools in the area.
The houses here aren't the biggest, but they're cozy. Houses tend to be stand alone structures with a garage, driveway, yard and porch. The cost of living is a bit high, and so are utilities. Most vacant lots are commercial rather than residential.
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I really love living here in Bryans Road. The area is quiet and has a somewhat rural feeling to it. People are friendly with a small-town feel that can be felt in interactions with longtime residents here.
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