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Tons of Parks, very clean, Lots of things for kids to do, Pools, sports, they even have a skate park there for being a small town there is a lot to do.
It is a great city to live in and for kids to grow up and with a safe environment. It has a good school system and good Parks and Recreation. Also lots of places to choose to shop and eat while out and about. Safety is also maintained by the police force.
We all know Bryan is a small town, but its so much more than that. As a young person that is leaving for college in a few short months, I feel lucky that I was able to grow up here. The community is safe, warm, and welcoming. Like I said, its a small town, but I see someone I do not recognize almost every day. My favorite aspect of Bryan culture is the emphasis on the arts. Local shows at the Arts and Education building are top notch, and high school productions shine. We have an incredible high school choir and it almost seems like some old Bryan alum is returning to put on a concert. I love this town. Without it, I do not believe I would be as prepared for my future.
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Bryan has a beautiful park system and a wonderful library. I love the overall beauty of the town, but the elitism of some of the residents makes it difficult to like the people of this town.
The most crime we have had is usually small things. Nothing very violent and nothing that should concern homeowners. The police are constantly patrolling neighborhoods and business and industry districts, and respond very quickly to calls.
I would be happy to live in this area for the rest of my life. Small town within an hour of multiple larger towns and cities, lots of family owned businesses and most neighborhoods are very friendly.
The overall safety in Bryan is average.
It use to be a great town to live in but is slowly going down hill.
There isn't much to do in Northwest Ohio, but there are a lot of close communities.
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