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My town is great. It has a home town feel and a nostalgic look and feel. I wish there was bigger industry in the area. Right now, after graduating college you have nothing to do local in the area and are pretty much forced to move to another city or location.
A nice place to live, plenty of parks, and as far as I can tell a safe place. I live near Northgate, and the population is diverse and I've had few issues with neighbors. My only real complaint is all the construction going on in the area, however that is to be expected.
Bryan is a town that is stuck in the shadow of Texas A&M and College Station but is trying to make a name for itself. It is also trying to thwart off in preconceived notions the town has. The downtown area has vastly improved in the past ten years and has become a place for both families and young adults to gather and have a good time. The town still looks beaten down in some parts but it is obvious that the city is doing everything it can to clean the area and change the overall reputation.
I thought it was great and really user friendly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know. There seems to be a lot of great options for students that don't have great GPA's and need help paying for school. :)
Bryan is a wonderful place to live. I grew up here and it is very family friendly. My husband and I have 3 beautiful girls whom we are raising here. I wouldn't move for anything. We are actively involved in our church ministry and our immediate family lives here as well. My only complaint would be the lack of children play activities here. They closed Gatti-town so there is really no other fun kids place other than Chucky Cheese's.
I have lived in Bryan my entire life and i absolutely love the area. Bryan is not the smallest town but also not the largest either, allowing for easy transportation. Bryan is also home to the the fighting Texas Aggie's my dream school. If i would suggest any improvements it would be more attractions for people visiting Bryan.
I would like to see more outdoor biking places or parks nearer to my location. Bryan is a good area to grow up in, or simply go to college in. There is a good rate of rent or houses to purchase, the public schools are great. It is best college station so there is such a community feel whenever traveling around town.
This town has improved with the schools and helping younger generations want to go to college. It is right next to college station so you can go to A&M and have a place extremely cheaper.
Good option if you don't have enough money
This area is okay. Not great. Not terrible.
I'm not afraid of violent crime occurring, but non violent crime is committed pretty regularly around here
I live in low crime area so that has never been a issue.
I would I not choose to live here again. Because of the individuals that are moving into the apartment complex. They are not respectful of there surroundings they leave the parking with trash and dirty diapers as if walking another 25 feet to the dumpster is so hard. Seems like the apartment complex owners do not care who lives there as long as they pay there rent on time. So they are really just about a dollar ,but I do understand that not every place will be high class but there should always be rules in order so that people can not run free and make living uncomfortable for those who do believe in keeping there living area well kept.
The area is okay to live in not to much to get into.
From what I have seen on the news and heard from various people, Bryan does not seem to have much criminal activity. Additionally, there are several police stations in my area, and I have heard many good things about how quickly the police respond to concerns.
I have only been living in Bryan, TX since January of this year but so far it has been a wonderful experience. Local government has been working on several reconstruction projects to restore Downtown Bryan, and there are many new businesses popping up around town that are typically owned and run by recent college graduates. I enjoy living in Bryan because it is close to campus while still being removed from all the constant hustle and bustle of College Station.
Bryan is a great place to live.
The safety in this area is decent.
The area can be more developed in terms of amenities.
It's a good area for families.
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