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My experience in Bryan TX has been a good. The people here are very friendly. There is a lot of hospitals, and churches to choose from. The night life in down town Bryan is a lot of fun and lots of bars and restaurants and bands playing on the streets. There are lots of stores.
I was born and raised here in this town. So I have grown right along with it. Their is always new/remodeling going on in our downtown. It was becoming a very family friendly area for authentic cuisine and small business family own shopping. It is a very safe place where family friendly events are held year round in our downtown Bryan.
Many consider it as a smaller town but, College Station is right next door home to the fighting Texas Aggies. When school time comes around the town and areas around are buzzing with students as well as activities.
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Loving and fun community! Not too small or too big. Heart of Aggieland. Everyone is family and instills value. You will never meet a stranger. We always look out for each other.
I like the diversity of the city, and that there is plenty to do. I wouldn't like to see much change, but maybe a good Mexican food buffet be added to the list of places to eat!
I have lived in Bryan for my whole life. I know it could be better, but it could also be worse. The schools aren't too great, but if the student works at it, the schools all have great opportunities!!
Bryan is a nice community that is experiencing a lot of growth. Although not as high of a tax value as its neighbor, College Station, Bryan offers a unique history and community-rich environment. There is never a lack of activities and offers things for youth, families and 25+ adults.
Growing up here in Bryan, Texas gives me an advantage to this town knowledge. It is a cute town, has a downtown area that host a "First Friday" on the first Friday of every month. It's basically a bunch of our local artist gather down there with cool things for the family and kids to do. Lots of nice spots to eat, drink, and relax around town, especially in the downtown area. The reason I am giving this town 3 stars is that of the schools here. They are low par school's that could do much better! I remember going to the schools when I was younger and it was not a very safe environment. Bryan has a high high-school dropout rate that is very disappointing. It is a great town to visit, not so much to live in if you're not originally from here.
Bryan is great town that offers many different events and activities. Like any town there are its good and bad parts, but for the most part it is a very safe place. Everyone in Bryan is very polite with a humble side. It is always great to interact with other citizens because of the friendliness within the community. Bryan's downtown district is one of the oldest parts to the town. It is truly something else because it looks as if it has not changed since it was build. With a great mix of 'mom and pop' shops that really make Downtown Bryan a unique experience for anyone!
Despite the road system having constant construction, the Bryan area is fantastic for college students, rent is cheaper than College Station and with close, easy access to hwy 21 it isn't difficult at all to reach A&M facilities if you need to. Everything from small Korean restaurants to Mediterranean grills provide a wealth of culinary experiences for foodies while outdoorsy-type in individuals will enjoy the numerous events that take place on Lake Bryan.
A great area to raise a family. Although there is nothing to do in this town, we aren't far from other major cities to have fun.
Bryan is an ok town .there little stuff to do here like fishing and eat at great food Bryan have beautiful view of ponds and trees .i really enjoy Bryan
Bryan, TX is a small town. It is bordered by College Station, TX. This makes it hard for businesses to stay open in Bryan. There is not much to do there. The only mall is located in College Station and it is not very big. There are not many places to shop. Also there are not enough cops to patrol the town. The weather is hot and humid all year long. You can catch a beautiful sunset in the evening though.
It's a decent city in which I was born. The city needs to work on and create more entertainment and nightlife for college students. It is a very conservative town that needs to be more relaxed and quit developing more student housing. The price of living far exceeds what it should actually be. Many things should be changed here.
I've lived here my entire life. Great schools and plenty of opportunity for employment. It's about an hour and half away from Houston and also to Austin.
Coming from Austin to BCS it was definitely a big difference, but I've learned to love this little town. Everyone is so friendly specially around campus. I feel like I fit in because everyone seems to have a dog here and loves the Aggies as much as I do!
Cost of living is extremely high. It is hard for single families to afford a decent house. If you're a college student, it's great because the rent is usually split. The town is growing and more people than it can handle!
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We have lived in Bryan for over a year now and it is a nice place place to be. It is quite and we have a quick drive to work.
I love Bryan, especially the downtown area. Lots of good food and shops to enjoy, even a wine bar and coffee shop!
The historical downtown are is very cute- with lots of restaurants, shops, and community events on the first Friday every month! The city can have it's rougher areas, but the diversity provides opportunities for anyone wanting to move to a city with a small-town feel.
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