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It's a decent city in which I was born. The city needs to work on and create more entertainment and nightlife for college students. It is a very conservative town that needs to be more relaxed and quit developing more student housing. The price of living far exceeds what it should actually be. Many things should be changed here.
I've lived here my entire life. Great schools and plenty of opportunity for employment. It's about an hour and half away from Houston and also to Austin.
Coming from Austin to BCS it was definitely a big difference, but I've learned to love this little town. Everyone is so friendly specially around campus. I feel like I fit in because everyone seems to have a dog here and loves the Aggies as much as I do!
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Cost of living is extremely high. It is hard for single families to afford a decent house. If you're a college student, it's great because the rent is usually split. The town is growing and more people than it can handle!
We have lived in Bryan for over a year now and it is a nice place place to be. It is quite and we have a quick drive to work.
I love Bryan, especially the downtown area. Lots of good food and shops to enjoy, even a wine bar and coffee shop!
The historical downtown are is very cute- with lots of restaurants, shops, and community events on the first Friday every month! The city can have it's rougher areas, but the diversity provides opportunities for anyone wanting to move to a city with a small-town feel.
I love this town and the people in it. Everyone is friendly and polite. There is always something to do and it is kid friendly.
Bryan is a town with a little bit of everything to offer. Small town feeling with a big city atmosphere. From small, yet quaint diners to the larger restaurant chains. And a shopping experience for the shopper in all of us. Historical markers surround the city to make it an overall lifetime experience for everyone.
Bryan, Texas has a small-town feel, but big-town opportunities. We are adjacent to College Station, home of Texas A&M University. As such, we have enormous support and ties with the University and all the cultural, academic, research and development that comes with a world class school. Our public and private schools are top-notch and we have an incredible homeschool community with so many options for classes, co-ops, sports, fine arts, and more, that students and families have a hard time deciding what to leave out! The community feel of Bryan, Texas with the pastoral countryside, various festivals, shows, concerts, and charity events, make it the best place to live in not only Texas, but the world!
Bryan is a very family friendly place. It's only a few minutes from College Station. Everything is easy to get to and rather convenient. Only thing I would like is more housing for everyone instead of only for the college students. More jobs should be built also. It's alot of diversity within the town. Great place to live!
Bryan is okay, but as a student that has lived here all their life, the education system is poor, especially at elementary schools. The district is changing for this upcoming school year, but I doubt it will benefit the students.
Bryan Texas is a good place to live in because the environment is friendly. Also there are a lot of job opportunities and the climate is good.
Bryan, Texas is a great place to live in because the community is friendly, and the climate is great. This small town is safe to live in and there are a lot of job opportunities.
Don't try anything stupid they will give you the biggest, and best time for doing bad. Theirs not much more. It's a great place, Texas A&M is down the road in College Station, TX
My town is great. It has a home town feel and a nostalgic look and feel. I wish there was bigger industry in the area. Right now, after graduating college you have nothing to do local in the area and are pretty much forced to move to another city or location.
A nice place to live, plenty of parks, and as far as I can tell a safe place. I live near Northgate, and the population is diverse and I've had few issues with neighbors. My only real complaint is all the construction going on in the area, however that is to be expected.
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Bryan is a town that is stuck in the shadow of Texas A&M and College Station but is trying to make a name for itself. It is also trying to thwart off in preconceived notions the town has. The downtown area has vastly improved in the past ten years and has become a place for both families and young adults to gather and have a good time. The town still looks beaten down in some parts but it is obvious that the city is doing everything it can to clean the area and change the overall reputation.
I thought it was great and really user friendly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know. There seems to be a lot of great options for students that don't have great GPA's and need help paying for school. :)
Bryan is a wonderful place to live. I grew up here and it is very family friendly. My husband and I have 3 beautiful girls whom we are raising here. I wouldn't move for anything. We are actively involved in our church ministry and our immediate family lives here as well. My only complaint would be the lack of children play activities here. They closed Gatti-town so there is really no other fun kids place other than Chucky Cheese's.
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