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Cozy community, could do with some upgrades- like the trails/ community center facilities/schools. Many places within the community like grocery stores and gyms and medical centers.
My experience at Brushy creek was great, they have probably the cleanest pools I've seen. The trails are nice and have a lot of lighting so you can run at night and feel safe. There are good places to eat around the area and a really good food market.
Family friendly, great schools - high school, middle school and elementary, nice parks, good water sysyem
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School Taxes are higher than a lot of places but everything else is average or slightly above average.
Very happy in this communtiy!
Overall, I've enjoyed my time here. I plan on staying in or close to this area for the next few years.
It's been a great area. Nothing extremely horrible has happened.
We have some crime but it is not extreme.
There is petty theft but overall it is a pretty safe place to live!
I have loved growing up in this area. The school system is awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better community to grow up with.
The crime rate here is very low, if not at all, with only rare occurrences of serious offenses. The police will ding you for almost everything, including speeding. But there hasn't been much crime at all, which is great for families with children.
I've lived here for years. The city itself is very nice. Although the state is conservative, the county is very moderate, with liberal leanings, which is a good thing. The city is a suburb of Austin, TX and is very near. I live near public transit which takes me to downtown Austin. However, I wish there was more public transit in the city itself. The city has a great education program, with over average SAT scores and plenty of public funding. And if you don't like the public schools, there are good charter options around. The city offers many chain restaurants and has many places to shop. It is more technologically centered given that the Dell HQ is located here. The traffic at times is pretty bad and the weather can get very hot and humid, but there are plenty of parks in the city and in the greater Austin metropolitan area where you can hike and go to swimming holes. Overall, a great place to live.
The newer neighborhoods are mostly very similar houses, but they are typically fairly nice. The older neighborhoods have more variation in the style of houses and typically larger yards. Utilities are fairly comparable between different locations. Very few properties are vacant or abandoned.
The people in the area are very friendly and often willing to help others in need. There is a strong sense of community and people are not left behind. Numerous events are held each year to help raise money or food for the unprivileged or for those hit by natural disasters.
The crime rate is very low and most crimes that do occur are minor things. The police in the area are kind, understanding, and willing to help when they can. The only concern I have is that there are a number of roads, particularly in neighborhoods, that do not have very good lighting, so it's very difficult to see people and animals crossing some roadways on dark nights.
If I had the option to change where I was born and raised, I would definitely choose this area. There is very little crime, the people are, almost all, friendly, and there are plenty of small businesses that help young people get into the workforce. I think that compared to other areas of the country, Round Rock has to be one of the best. I see that this area is growing continuously and that the school system will continue to improve as time goes on, but that it won't lose its small town feel.
It is a very safe neighborhood with little crime and violence.
Review Brushy Creek
It is a very safe neighborhood with great schools and a safe community.
Recently have been several break ins, but normally not a lot of crimes
Its a very good place to live. The schools in the area of good, lots of community events
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