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I enjoy living in the area. I like that I live outside of the city limits and that I am apart of country.
Houses right where I live are in good condition, the farther south (city), and the farther north (country) they are more and more unkept and dirty looking.
Amazing right where I live, but 5 miles south, there is shootings, stabbings, and arson cases on a regular basis.
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Country people are pretty rude, mostly because they move to the country to be left alone.
People complain when it's cold, but you live in upstate New York for the snow!! Summer's are just as hot as Florida though...which kind of sucks.
LOTS of marijuana and heroin usage especially hardcore heroin usage/overdoses
Fire Departments are there within ten minutes even to the farthest of houses but also have to remember they are volunteer so it takes a few minutes to drop what they are doing with their families to respond to the station. The local ambulance is a commercial ambulance meaning expect to get billed like crazy if you call them. Police are great very friendly state police officers. Sheriffs are useless as they sit at the local convenience store for hours drinking coffee.
This is an area where you can feel safe because many people around me know each other to the point where it has been known that people keep their doors unlocked and keys in their unlocked cars all night long.
Expect for the possibility of snow/ice storms from October 1st until Memorial Day weekend because they have happened. Three most common disasters in the this area are flooding, severe thunderstorms with the possibility of turning to tornadoes and winter storms whether they are ice or snow. But don't rule out hurricanes/tropical storms because Hurricane Irene ravished this area in 2011 especially the Troy area.
In the Troy area its self you are not going to find as many jobs as you would find in other local communities such as East Greenbush, Colonie or Clifton Park.
Lots of different places to go, some that i HIGHLY recommend are the Notty Pine Tavern in Troy and Duncan's Dairy Bar in Brunswick. Both have that old style feel especially Duncan's which has that 1940's diner feel and look.
Not that many mom and pop shops as there are big companies such as the usual retail stores like Walmart. This area you have to travel in some way to get to any businesses, just depends what you need is where you will travel to.
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