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The neighborhoods have friendly people and the communities are developing. Multiple parks are available and there's a nature center. Most areas have sidewalks available to pedestrians.
The camaraderie and compassion that I have experienced with nearly everyone in Brunswick is an experience that is difficult to compare. While there is not a large variety of things to do, I still managed to have a great time with wonderful people.
Brunswick has pretty good safety, schools, and for the most part a very friendly town. The town continues to grow and expand for more families and businesses to move in.
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Brunswick is a suburb of Cleveland. So close to everything, great selections of parks, access to freeway, the library is a wonderful place. Rec center is reasonably price and affordable. Safe and affordable housing.
I love living in Brunswick its a quiet friendly little town. The schools are awesome and have great after school programs for the kids. If you like to live in a quiet relaxing environment than this is the place to be.
dont know even where to begin other then to say fast food bars and pizza delivery that's the basic extent of this bad traffic town would never recommend moving here lived there for 40 years and it was great in the beginning but it's turning into brook park rd down 42 and 303 sad
I've grown up in Brunswick and been able to watch it grow in commerce and population. It has the feel of a small metropolitan area but still retains its suburban charm and feeling of home. It's a great place to raise a family; a supportive community; and is continuing to grow and evolve.
The crime rate in this town is virtually non-existent do to the efforts of our police force. This makes the police here a little bit bored so they sometimes pull people over for a light out of their car or they go out of there way to get drug possession charges racked up which still occurs even in the safest community. I think that our police force are the ones responsible for the really safe community here in Brunswick.
This city is a great place to raise a family and to go to school in. Many retired people feel comfortable with the low crime rate and the several parks in the city. It is a really peaceful community and there are many vibrant church communities in the area as well. Local sports are very active with long lines of excited parents and students going to see the high school football team play on Fridays during the school year.Overall, it is a great place to grow up and to retire in.
Feels safe, no expectations of danger or crime.
Has a happy atmosphere, hope the roads are fixed.
I would consider this town a very safe environment. Cops are always around patrolling the streets and making sure kids stay out of danger. They are also present within our schools to watch over daily activities and to keep children out of harms way.
Even though the town has a pretty large population, you'll always see members come together to support the community; whether it was a tragic event that occurred, or just to support the town's sports teams. I would recommend living here to other individuals that was a safe and fun environment to call home.
I have not heard of a lot of crime happening in this area. Although, most of the crimes I have heard about have happend within a few miles of my home so that does concern me a little bit. They were not very serious crimes but it still concerns me.
I like living in this area because it is a relatively small town but it is also big at the same time. I graduated with almost 700 other students yet I still knew who most of them were; I might not have known them on a personal level but I have had interactions with them. I also like that there is almost any type of food restaurant off of 303.
People generally maintain and improve their property.
I've lived here my entire life. Community sports and activities are abundant and I've participated in on sports teams since I was 4 years old. I love sports, played on school athetic teams and community athletic teams. The coaches are great until you get to the high school level. There's plenty of room for improvement especially on the football team. Parents support education and pass levies as need to sustain the schools. City Hall needs to do a much better of fixing the roads they allowed to deteriorate. A road levy passed but you can't see any improvement. The asphalt is out as soon as you drive over it. Need to go back to concrete.
Review Brunswick
Police are visible and this area is known for traffic control.
It's great if you're athletic and enjoy sports. The schools are great if you ask parents to rate them. Students would probably rate them somewhat lower. Teachers need to be evaluated more often. I've had some really great teachers in this school system and some that I don't know how they graduated high school.

The roads are horrible.....I had 4 four-wheel alignments last year. The service department needs to step up and make improvements. A road levy was passed and patch work was completed but that only lasts until the snow plows come down the street. They just band-aid the streets.
I feel very safe in my city. No problems whatsoever
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