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The city of Brunswick, Georgia is a great place to raise a family. The city is located on the beautiful coast of Southeast Georgia. The community is very friendly, helpful, and peaceful. Since Brunswick is a smaller city, I would love to see it develop to its full potential to increase the number of job opportunities. Brunswick is becoming attractive to those who are from larger cities, such as New York, NY, and Miami, FL. To see Brunswick grow and advance to its full potential will bring great excellence to our community.
I liked the location of Brunswick in relations to the beach. The palm trees and the island pier sold me here. I like the coastal living however I do not like how far it is from big cities. As a college student, I am always looking for fun things to do or places to go. Living in Brunswick you have to drive over an hour to go anywhere with activities.
I have lived in the town of Brunswick my entire life. This quaint town has always peaked and interest with me due to it's historic ties and ability to grow each passing year. I enjoy the ocean breeze on the island and the wildlife.
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It is a beautiful place, not too big and not too small. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches. And is full of historical facts.
Pretty Good, I have been here for about 36 years and I have enjoyed it. Most people know each other here and it makes living here a lot easier.
Brunswick GA, for me, is a place that you can come to help your family grow as a unit and individually! The school system is great. The teachers actually care about the students. The cost of living is affordable. Im a college student with a family and I am still able to afford life!
Brunswick is becoming a thriving town.
I wish we had more restaurants and Malls. We have St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island which are very nice.
The area is nice because they are steady building and so close to the islands always nice to be by the coast. The city does has paper mills in the middle of the city so always seems to be a odor that's the worst guess local are just use to.
Brunswick has a lot of potential as an interesting place to live and work. The historic downtown - both the main shopping street and the residential area - impressed me at first with the number of well preserved, beautiful historic buildings. However, the area has many economic issues, including poor zoning regulations, that keep the economy and therefore the amount and quality of recreational activities limited. There has been a movement in the last few years to introduce more locally-led activities, such as a co-op art studio and several new restaurants. Brunswick still has a long way to go to be as interesting and fun as Fernandina or St Augustine, but has avoided the over-commercialized, overpriced nature of St Simons Island.
Like all towns, there are good aspects and bad. For the most part, people are kind and that matters a lot.
Brunswick, a historic port town located half way between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, serves as a gateway to the “Golden Isles” – the resort islands of Jekyll and St. Simons. Brunswick itself is quaint and full of historic interest, but also functions as a major port of entry for automobiles and other commodities, and has a substantial fishing and shrimp industry and some remnants of a once-larger chemical industry. But the big “growth” industry is leisure and retirement. The islands, which have been recognized leisure destinations for over 100 years, offer a wide assortment of leisure and resort activities and living accommodations. The public and private school are filled with teachers and administrators, that are dedicated in fulfilling your child/children's educational needs. The residents of the community are helpful and resourceful, and the job market is rapidly growing.
Brunswick, GA is a small town. Everyone knows just about everyone, and the people here are genuine and humble. I moved here from Texas about ten years ago, and this has now become my home. From the beautiful islands, to the beach, to taking a bike around the town, this town is perfect to get away from the stress of larger cities to sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer.
Crime is not often in my area. I pray a lot.
The beaches are great, and where I live is awesome.
In the area that i live in the crime is very low and the safety is well taking car of
Living in Brunswick has been okay. I enjoy that the beach is very close by and there are plenty of places to go out to eat.
Crime isn't at its worst, but maintence of the sidewalks and abandoned lots is terrible.
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Even though Brunswick can have some rough patches and can be a little bit boring, I find peace when I come back here from vacations.
Since I have been living here in Brunswick, Ga I have not seen or heard about any crime going on.
This area is great compare to where I use to live.
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