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I grew up in this town and is one of the safest places I've ever been. It has such a small town charm and has the best people in it. It's a great place to raise children. It's far away enough that it's not in the middle of the city but not too far way from it.
I enjoy how small of a town Brunswick Maryland is. Living in a small town allows more people to know each other personally. Living in a big town is too crowd and does not allow individual to enjoy the spaces and the country land of Brunswick.
It is a good town to live in. There are a lot of people that truly care, and they come together as a community to help out their neighbors and the people around them. There is some great, fun things to do, and some wonderful hikes. It's in a perfect area to get to Harper's Ferry and down to Frederick, which is the heart of the county. However, the school system could use some help. It is not the safest place for my child to go, and it is not always great at communicating. However, there are always bad apples in every environment and this just happens to effect me more than it may others in the town. I still feel that the area is safe enough that I can walk the dog at night and not worry about my safety.
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The city is relatively small but it is just right for someone like me.
Most of the houses in Brunswick are older houses and have a lot of character. A lot of the driveways are very small and can often only hold one car. There are not many abandoned properties and the quality of housing is average.
All public services are within proximity. The reaction time of police/ fire is very good.
I honestly have never witnessed a crime in Brunswick and i see the police occasionally stopping a driver for speeding.
The weather here doesn't really reach extremes. There is a steady wind and sometimes it can get pretty bad.
There is only a few places to choose from such as a wing and pizza shack and a roy rogers.
The majority of employment that you hear about has to do with a Brunswick Logging company and a Brunswick Trash company. Most people commute to work.
There is not a very big variety as Brunswick is a very small area. We have a Roy Rogers, a Rite Aid and no grocery store. People can not get everything they need in Brunswick and often have to go to the next city over to finish shopping. For example, my uncle goes to the city Frederick in order to do grocery shopping every weekend.
Penny's Diner is very good but is usually filled.
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