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I had not visited the Maine coast for over 50 years, but traveled as far as Pemaquid in late June. My travel friend and I stayed in Brunswick for two nights and enjoyed dinner at the excellent Indian restaurant downtown. An older man approached the window beside us and flashed us with everything he had, or thought he had. We really didn't need "entertainment" so he received no applause or even a raised eyebrow! Hope the police will have the watchful eye.... Back in Ohio with the memories...of the fabulous Indian cuisine!
Very small but beautiful town. There are many great restaurants and beautiful views of the Atlantic.
The town is beautiful but the school board basically makes all the decisions regrading the town. And let's not forget Bowdoin College, their basically a gated community in the town.
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It's a college town filled with friendly people and wonderful shops and restaurants in town. It's about 30 minutes away from Freeport and Portland, both of which have lovely shopping centers. The school system, especially the high school is very caring and patient with your children. The music program is one of the best in the state and there are multiple after-school activities avaliable.
Brunswick is a great little town with the added benefit of a wonderful small liberal arts college which brings diversity, art and culture into the community. Easily accessible to Portland and to the mid-coast area.
Brunswick is a great town, that offers the ambience of a traditional New England town. Carousel an array of downtown shops, restaurants, and even a little bit of night life with evenings in the park. Brunswick also boasts several other larger chain stores and restaurants. A modest fifteen minute drive can get you to Reid State Park and Popham Beach. Lastly, a short drive will navigate you to Boothbay Harbor, Rockland, Freeport, and Bath. So if you are interested in visiting an area that is enchanted with that traditional New England charm, add your travels to the Brunswick area.
I grew up in a rural town that didn't have any traffic lights or restaurants. Now that I live in Brunswick I enjoy being close to wear I work, the ability to order take out and the fact that no one knows me or my business.
Brunswick a "vibrant and attractive place to work, play, and do business" (BDA). It’s a support-local, charming, little town. It is charming in the winter, as the Ice-skaters spend the day on the frozen-over park in the center of town. But it’s more charming in the summer, as from the same park you hear the train come huffing in; while having a picnic. We welcome the seasonal tourists who all want to visit the beautiful place we call home. Historically, Brunswick was a home to the poet Longfellow, as well as Harriet Beacher Stowe. It’s a family-friendly town (with a 98% occupancy rate) with a unique community. If you don't believe me, look it up...or better yet, come and visit! I'll meet you at the train station early in the morning as the church bells downtown are ringing. We can walk down Main Street on the old brick sidewalks to one of the local coffee shops. You can watch the town wake up, putting out open signs, and welcoming another "day-in-paradise".
I love Brunswick, ME. I think that it is a beautiful town, however there are not very many things for people to do.
Brunswick is a very nice town. Downtown Brunswick is safe and perfect for college students; amenities are located within walking distances. This town is pedestrian-friendly and is pretty awesome. This quaint New England town is charming and intriguing.
Just moved to this town. All the resources are close like in the cities, but it has a small town feel to it. Love it here!
I love the town of Brunswick it is near the ocean and is close to a lot of near by stores and shops.
It is a very welcoming and pleasant town to live in. The people are great and the weather is even better!
I've wanted to get out of Maine my entire life, that part hasn't changed whatsoever. What has changes is the growing respect that I have for the Town of Brunswick. While I am not looking back once I leave for college, the friendly atmosphere no matter where you are in Brunswick will certainly be missed by me. Whether you are walking around Bowdoin College, or getting a bite to eat down further on Main St. Brunswick is welcoming, I've come to learn that that's not a trait that every town or city possesses. Outside of the welcoming feel, the beauty of the town is truly remarkable. The Topsham Bridge, the Androscoggin River, Bowdoin College, Maine St in the winter. There is so much beauty in Brunswick. The diverse atmospheres is just another aspect to love about Brunswick. Whether that's busy Main St, or the quite housing streets scattered throughout. Brunswick is great.
Brunswick is a beautiful and affordable place to live with enough around for someone who doesn't need too much.
Whether you want to live in the ocean, the woods or downtown Brunswick has it all. Great downtown area to walk, talk and eat. Several public beaches, and close to other major cities in midcoast Maine.
Brunswick has a comfortable hometown atmosphere, while still providing a plethora of activities to do that other small towns don't have. You can watch the upcoming Bowdoin college sports event, eat out at the myriad of restaurants, or go skating on the green right in town!
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I moved to Brunswick when I was in the 6th grade. It's a really pleasant area that is really maineish. I live in the rural area off Durham and its pleasant in the woods.
If you like the small-town feel, the town of Brunswick is great! Everything shuts down at 1am, so not for those who want to party all night, but people will recognize you in town and in general the townies are pretty nice to the students.
Crime is everywhere. Im sure it will never fully go aware. The police here are very responsive, they respond quickly and get involved with the community as much as possible.
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