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Brunswick is a very nice town. Downtown Brunswick is safe and perfect for college students; amenities are located within walking distances. This town is pedestrian-friendly and is pretty awesome. This quaint New England town is charming and intriguing.
Just moved to this town. All the resources are close like in the cities, but it has a small town feel to it. Love it here!
I love the town of Brunswick it is near the ocean and is close to a lot of near by stores and shops.
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It is a very welcoming and pleasant town to live in. The people are great and the weather is even better!
I've wanted to get out of Maine my entire life, that part hasn't changed whatsoever. What has changes is the growing respect that I have for the Town of Brunswick. While I am not looking back once I leave for college, the friendly atmosphere no matter where you are in Brunswick will certainly be missed by me. Whether you are walking around Bowdoin College, or getting a bite to eat down further on Main St. Brunswick is welcoming, I've come to learn that that's not a trait that every town or city possesses. Outside of the welcoming feel, the beauty of the town is truly remarkable. The Topsham Bridge, the Androscoggin River, Bowdoin College, Maine St in the winter. There is so much beauty in Brunswick. The diverse atmospheres is just another aspect to love about Brunswick. Whether that's busy Main St, or the quite housing streets scattered throughout. Brunswick is great.
Brunswick is a beautiful and affordable place to live with enough around for someone who doesn't need too much.
Whether you want to live in the ocean, the woods or downtown Brunswick has it all. Great downtown area to walk, talk and eat. Several public beaches, and close to other major cities in midcoast Maine.
Brunswick has a comfortable hometown atmosphere, while still providing a plethora of activities to do that other small towns don't have. You can watch the upcoming Bowdoin college sports event, eat out at the myriad of restaurants, or go skating on the green right in town!
I moved to Brunswick when I was in the 6th grade. It's a really pleasant area that is really maineish. I live in the rural area off Durham and its pleasant in the woods.
If you like the small-town feel, the town of Brunswick is great! Everything shuts down at 1am, so not for those who want to party all night, but people will recognize you in town and in general the townies are pretty nice to the students.
Crime is everywhere. Im sure it will never fully go aware. The police here are very responsive, they respond quickly and get involved with the community as much as possible.
I lived here since i was about ten years old. I always though I would move back to Massachusetts as soon as I could. Sometimes I still want to move back, but would have a hard time leaving the friends I have made here in Maine. I also couldn't leave my family, they have always had my back and supported me through everything and I think that has been a major help though my life. I can't say i would choose to live here again, but think everything happens for a reason. I met my husband here and couldn't imagine if we never met. Other times I wonder what other opportunities I would of had if I lived in a more populate area. I think thats the one thing I think about most, the "what ifs".
Maine in general is such a safe state when it comes to natural disasters. We get a lot of snow and minimal flooding when it melts but it's nothing like other states face when they are hit.
There may not be any "night life" opportunities but the food here is outstanding!
I personally Loved the jobs I had when I was growing up but depending on availability I may have to move to another surrounding town.
I Love my hometown! It's small enough to feel like a small town but actually has a lot of people so I'm always seeing new faces. I love coming back to go somewhere for dinner and walk around the downtown.
There are so many places to go hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, skating, sledding, and anything else that can be done outdoors. There's still a little pollution in the Androscoggin, but the river has been cleaned up a lot since the past. Overall a very beautiful area.
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Brunswick has its own fire department and recently just got a brand new police station.
Brunswick is such a strong community. It's a fair sized town, so you tend to know a lot of people. People here are generally pretty friendly too, and there are many family friendly events.
There are so many good restaurants in the area. You can get sushi, Indian, Irish, Mexican, German, and everything in between from the variety of places to eat. My favorites are Gelato Fiasco and Little Dog Coffee Shop.
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