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We moved from the "suburbs" of Detroit and crime was steadily increasing in our area. We do not have that sense in this area.
We wish it was a bit less conservative, Republican, but other than that we love it here.
The police are always fasthe in their response times, as well as decently friendly. There is no crime problem here.
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It is a greatest, out of the way place. The people are friendly, the school's are great. It is a wonderful place to raise kids.
As a township, we don't have a dedicated police department; we rely on the Macomb County Sherrif and the Michigan State Police Department. Since we are a rural community, crime is very low. We have had some breaki in's in the past, however, the law enforcement addressed it and it happens very sporadically.

Safety isn't an issue. People can feel safe walking our dirt roads at nighttime, being sensible and wearing reflective clothing. People are friendly and look out for one another. Neighborhoods get together quite frequently to socialize. Overall, if you're an adult, things here are great!
As a teenager, there isn't much to do in terms of recreation. The school district is one of the largest in terms of area in Michigan. As a result, even getting together with friends from school can be a problem. The downtown area doesn't provide a place for teens to congregate and that would be ideal for meeting up and hanging out with friends.

The athletics at the high school are outstanding; football and hockey state champions and several other sports compete on that same level. The campus is currently split into two locations which makes in necessary to drive approximately 2 miles to get to classes. The community just passed a bond to begin construction on a new campus that has all classes together.

I'm looking forward to moving away to college, not because Bruce Township is bad, but because I prefer a more active community. When I'm older, I would consider raising a family here. For now though, I want to experience the world and different cultures.
its not a bad place to live
Younger's Irish Tavern - great dollar burger night on Wednesday's
There are many wooded areas where people can experience outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, bird watching, biking, or walking. The parks are well kept and are enjoyable to walk around. Our area includes several ponds and lakes that allow people to go fishing, swimming, and boating. Our geographical location is perfect for people who love the outdoors.
We do live in Michigan, so you never know what the weather may be. It may be snowing and freezing temperatures one day and then the next sunny and warm. The biggest weather impact that we face are snow storms where many people may get snowed in or their roads are covered with ice. Honestly, people just have to brace for any weather condition because we face the whole spectrum.
Depending on who you are, my town has restaurants for the whole spectrum. There are restaurants for the older crowd that just wants a good dinner in a quiet, quaint place. And then we also have restaurants that flaunt more of the rowdy crowd who want to go meet new people and have conversations till the early morning. My favorite dishes from surrounding restaurants are fresh cod and homemade Italian pizza. Overall, my town consists of a variety of restaurants that suit people's needs.
The job employment in this area really just depends on what someone wants to do. We have jobs anywhere from being a waitress, a banker, a teacher, or landscaper. For the most part, many people can find jobs in the areas they're looking for but they do have to do some looking. Many people in my town are labor workers and usually work in a landscaping business or on farms. Overall, the employment in this area is at a good rate and allows for people in the community to have the jobs they need.
The local businesses help drive our town's economy and are apart of the people in the community. If you want to find people, the local hot spot is a restaurant called the Huddle. We have a grocery store/hardware store that is very convenient with the location as well as its products. Additionally, we have 2 gas station that serves the community and includes slurpees that all the teenagers love to go and get before football games or schools. The local businesses make up part of our community and without them our town wouldn't be the same. We would look like a ghost town without these businesses.
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