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Brownwood is a small town. I have found that Brownwood is a very hospitable town. Everyone is very nice. The lake is beautiful and has many activity's. Not very many big name stores here in Brownwood, but a lot of smaller and self owned businesses. The mall is small but hey at least we have one. The mall has a movie theater in it. Recently they have opened up the lyric theater. The have put on several plays since the opening and have had rave reviews. Brownwood has many parks throughout the town from small to big. The town has many places to eat weather it be fast food you are interested in or a sit down restaurant. Overall Brownwood is a great place to live or to visit.
Safe family community, but schools do need improvement. It is a small town that is growing rapidly, opening new job opportunities for residents.
I personally think yes there is crime here but there is crime everywhere you go no matter where you go. The police work hard and are on patrol constantly and keeping crime off the street the best they can.
I enjoy it in Brownwood Texas because it feels like home and their motto is Brownwood where it Feels Like Home.
Being a small town, everyone knows everyone so crime is pretty low. When we get vandalism sprees it is most often bored teens up to no good. I believe the whole town operates in a very routine way and any deviations are noted. Law enforcement does their job, sadly the court system here is very small town in that they pretty much do whatever they want. Recently a minority was given a lifetime sentence for attacking his fiances daughter which is horrible and he got life which I think is extreme considering we have repeating sex offenders or murders who get sentenced to less. With a small town mentality I believe it is more on who you know that justice which is sad.
Living in Brownwood Texas is ok. It is a small conservative community and has a great neighboring high school that is rated pretty well. If it wasn't for my family living here, I do believe I would move, but the homey family oriented atmosphere keeps us here. Thankfully the town has been steadily growing and I hope it continues to do so without the crime rate going up.
the crime rate in brownwood is relatively low, the population is too small for someone to get away with breaking and entering or many petty crimes. If the homeowner/ shop owner does not catch you in the act, the police or a neighbor surely will.
brownwood is a very small town in south central texas, it is very slow and everybody will know your name if you stay here long enough, the public school district is decent and there is a very good private baptist university down the road. living here is great if you are looking for cheap living, and a change of pace from the city. There are many forms of employment here in brownwood, most in the form of intense labor, and long work days, the pay is great but be ready to use your hands.
The police officers may not always be quick to respond, but crime is not very high in Brownwood. We rarely hear about fatal crimes. The officers allow me to feel safe in my little community.
My town, Brownwood, may not have all the options a big city does, but its a place to call home. The community is small, which is nice to have because not everyone is a stranger. People who live here are friendly.
we have had crime in my neighboorhood happen to my family before.
my neighboorhood is one of the lowest income neighborhoods.
Overall, it's a safe place.
I had a good education experience here.
I enjoy the small town feel, but the progression toward the future is slow. Technology is slow. Extra curricular activities is relatively non - existent unless you are into sports. The city government has too many skeletons in their collective closets. As a former small business owner, if a new business wants to open or move into town, the regulations generally slow or qwash the businesses progress. The infrastructure is archaic and deteriorates faster that it can be updated..
I live in a small family town. It is growing and I am settled here
Not much to do. BBQ cookoff in the summer. Apache Pass hosts events throughout the year. Big city attractions are within 45 minutes.
We have a great presence of police because of the drug problems around the area. I feel safe but there is always room for improvement on safety.
Two fire stations & two police/sheriffs offices so response is fine. Do not have any issues with local laws. Like most of our elected officials except our governor.
Quality is ok. Homes are ok but no nice or affordable apartments. Apartments here are for low income & attract drug dealers and crime. Three wealthy neighborhoods, some middle class neighborhoods, and a lot of low socio-economic neighborhoods (north side). Cost of decent housing is good & affordable.
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